What’s The Big Deal? It’s A Straw?

As I embarked on this journey of learning the consequences of plastic straws, I discovered something. They are everywhere. And – they are NOT recyclable.  And, they contain BPA.

Once I started paying attention, I realized the severity of the problem with not just straws, it was plastic.

It occurred to me that if 91% of plastic is not being recycled, then that means a large chunk of that 91% of plastic is ending up in our oceans. And, our oceans supply almost all of the Earth’s oxygen.

quickly realized restaurants were unaware of brands that sold eco-friendly options, some surprisingly were not aware of the “plastic epidemic” & fortunately were open minded & whole heartily willing to try alternative straws.

In fact, Helping Ninjas inspired restaurants to make the swtich.

Some restaurants in Indy where we are based, were not even aware of the issue and were happy to learn. And eager to make the switch.

You can too.

Luckily there are a wide variety of environmentally friendly straws available to consumers.

There are reusable straws.

There are compostable straws.

There are biodegradable straws.

Bamboo straws, stainless steel straws, glass straws, hay straws, corn straws and plant-based PLA straws.

We have all kinds at all house! And we keep them in the console of our family car, so when we are out and about or traveling we our prepared!

Helping Ninjas were able to assist McGuires restaurant in south Florida with making  a switch to biodegradable straws!

To learn more, visit our webpage dedicated to standing up to straws. StandUpToStraws.com

Lindsey Fella Berry, The Helping Ninja Mom


An initiative to educate the youth on cause and effect of global plastic pollution. Helping Ninjas™ was first founded because of love for animals. Founder and creator, Leo Berry, since he was a toddler had had a love for animals and insects and science.

So, naturally when Leo heard how straws are hurting our oceans and the marine animals living in it or on beaches, his reaction was like this, “Straws are doing what?! How rude!”

Leo and his fellow Helping Ninjas are embarking on a new journey to help tell the world how to take a stand for what is right, and stand up to straws and joining the fight to end plastic pollution.

Wild Kratts was a favorite past time show for Leo to  engage.

At the age of seven, a month before his 8th birthday, Leo and his mother sat down at the computer and began researching what animals were endangered. Leo’s mother knew that he loved animals and thought it might be an interesting topic to research together and gave them an activity to spend quality time together.

“Leo was very heartbroken when he found so many species on the list, I think I could literally here is heart-breaking,” said Lindsey Fella-Berry, The Helping Ninjas Mom . “I saw the empathy and concern in his eyes. And, then – the despair. and confusion. He didn’t understand why this was happening.”

Leo’s mother explained to him and they read reasons for each species to have been placed on the list. “Then the wheels began turning,” said Leo’s mom. “A honest, genuine desire to help these creatures expelled from his little body and heart, and a passion to tell the world how to do it.”

 Read our full story of how we began here

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