Creating Renewable Energy Through Composting

The act of collecting waste and putting it into a bin with soil and gradually adding more waste to the pile is composting.

The soil that is made from composting is called compost.

And, the container, or location of the pile is called a compost pile or often referred to as a compost.

Composting has two definitions: One is a noun and the other is a verb.

  • Noun: Decayed Organic Material Used as A Plant Fertilizer.
  • Verb: To make (vegetable matter, food waste, decomposable items or manure) into compost – other wise known as “composting”

Successful Composts are Well Balanced

  • Carbon  (leaves, straw, wood chips, cardboard)
  • Nitrogen (vegetables, fruits and  plants)
  • Moisture
  • Air

Some people refer to the carbon elements as  the “browns” and the nitrogen elements as the “greens.”

To ensure that your compost is successful in creating nutrient rich soil to be reused be sure to stir the pile frequently, add soil as needed and try and shred or chop things when possible, adding a variety of items- will be your key to creating your own renewable energy compose.

A balance of compostable is important. Balancing nitrogen rich greens and plants, and items such as leaves and wood chips that are high carbon. Without enough nitrogen the pile will not be able to heat up. The decomposition process raises the heat of the pile to temperatures 100-140 degrees.

A balance of air and moisture in the compost allows the microorganisms to grow and break down the items and turn our waste into carbon dioxide and heat. If there is too much, and not enough soil and moisture then the microorganisms won’t be able to effectively decompose. Likewise, if there is too little oxygen the microbes may not be able to kill dangerous bacteria thats why adequate adequate air flow is important. Without air the bacteria will give off a foul smell.


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