“Creating opportunities for all ages, genders. and ethnicIty to educate themselves on how to help the planet, each other, and oneself and how to execute acts of help and kindness, might be the single most important thing we give to our youth. Learn.Help.Share.” – A Helping Ninjas Mom 

When kids are willing and can successfully interact and socialize with peers for a cause- there really is reason to celebrate! Join the Helping Ninjas™ movement, an initiative to teach the children of the world how to become future leaders and ambassadors of help, hope, change, and how to become highly skilled at helping.  A movement to  inspire our youth to help.

Helping Ninjas is a continuous ongoing effort to create opportunities to learn how to help the world, and is designed so that children can learn to help and execute acts of help and kindness -individually or in a group settin, and inspire others to help too by sharing with others how they learned to helped.

The Helping Ninja bandana is a band of fabric, a common thread that ties us all together making our world a better place, if we all work together – regardless of our differences. Striving to take the best part of themselves and give it to others and into making the a postiive impact on our planet, no matter how small or large the act, anyone can be a Helping Ninja.


The Helping Ninja bandana is a band of fabric, a common thread that ties us all together making our world a better place if we all work together no matter our differences. Striving to take the best part of themselves and give it to others, no matter how small or large the act – anyone can be a Helping Ninja.

Join Helping NinjasJoin us with the initiative in helping us to create awareness amongst our youth about the importance of helping. There are many ways to participate in Helping Ninjas and endless opportunities for children of any age, or adult, to get involved! If you would like to join our efforts and become a helping ninja, subscribe to the Helping replica watches  Ninjas Blog  for inspirations and ideas and to keep up with Helping Ninjas efforts! The blog is written by students and some helping ninja moms, dads, and educators.

 Who are the Helping Ninjas?     

Every child can be a Helping Ninja, a highly skilled person who excels in the act of helping. Together making the world a better place through kindness and philanthropic acts – whether it be helping the planet, each other or themselves. That every child can be a Helping Ninja warrior in their own right, no matter, their age, status, gender, race, ethnic or economic background.

About Helping Ninjas, Inc. 
Helping Ninjas, Inc. is a student-led not-for-profit with an initiative to create awareness about the importance of teaching our youth how to help the planet, each other and themselves! The organization currently has approximately 50 active youth and their family members engaged in its mission to become Highly Skilled At Helping. Helping Ninjas, Inc. has been awarded a U.S. Trademark for both their name and logo was published in the Official Gazette on May 8, 2018.

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Want To Learn.Help.Share. with us? 

Start learning to become highly skilled at helping!

To participate in activities, events, campaigns you can check out our web pages and discover many opportunities to become a helping ninja and begin the Helping Ninja mission to learn, help and share with others! To enroll in our Learn.Help.Share. program please contact:info@helpingninjas.com.

You can join Helping Ninjas anytime by following us on social media at @HelpingNinjas and/or following or posting any of our initiatives:


Through acts of help, children are first-hand able to experience helping. And through education of global issues, Helping Ninjas will develop better life choices and execution skills  – creating strong minds and leaders.

Helping Ninjas Philosphy

  • Any child can learn to help.
  • Any child can learn to help on their own in their own way.
  • Any child can be a “helping ninja”  just by helping.
  • Any person can be a Helping Ninja

Since children are best taught when led by example, Helping Ninjas encourages all adults – college students, teacher, parents, city, state and world leaders, athletes, local and global celebrities – to help us in this initiative and begin showcasing your acts of help so that our youth may see! 

Helping Ninjas gives our future leaders an opportunity to learn about their environment and generates interest and awareness of the importance of educating themselves on global issues and finding the pathways to the solutions.

Helping Ninjas gives all youth across the globe the opportunity of a voice and a chance. Through this initiative of local, national and global philanthropical efforts, Helping Ninjas will strive to teach our youth how they can make a positive impact on their surroundings learning how to help others and respect the planet and humanity.

Already Helping?  If you, a child, a family, a classroom, or someone you know is already a “helping ninja” by example, please e-mail us: info@helpingninjas.com  so that we can spotlight their Helping Ninja Skills!

@StandUpToStraws An initiative to educate the youth on cause and effect of global plastic pollution. Helping Ninjas™ was first founded because of love for animals. Founder and creator, Leo Berry, since he was a toddler had had a love for animals and insects and science. So, naturally when Leo heard how straws are hurting our oceans and the marine animals living in it or on beaches, his reaction was like this, “Straws are doing what?! How rude!” Leo and his fellow Helping Ninjas are embarking on a new journey to help tell the world how to take a stand for what is right, and stand up to straws and joining the fight to end plastic pollution.

Wild Kratts was a favorite past time show for Leo to  engage. At the age of seven, a month before his 8th birthday, Leo and his mother sat down at the computer and began researching what animals were endangered. Leo’s mother knew that he loved animals and thought it might be an interesting topic to research together and gave them an activity to spend quality time together.

“Leo was very heartbroken when he found so many species on the list, I think I could literally here is heart-breaking,” said Lindsey Fella-Berry, The Helping Ninjas Mom . “I saw the empathy and concern in his eyes. And, then – the despair. and confusion. He didn’t understand why this was happening.”

Leo’s mother explained to him and they read reasons for each species to have been placed on the list. “Then the wheels began turning,” said Leo’s mom. “A honest, genuine desire to help these creatures expelled from his little body and heart, and a passion to tell the world how to do it.”

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To learn more the Helping Ninjas’ and keep up with our efforts, read the  Helping Ninjas Blog


Education to children on environmental, social, health and wellness issues and current government policy protecting our planet and citizens is very important. Helping Ninjas provides a means and a stepping stone to our youth – allowing them to learn, discuss, and act on it. Just simply learning and discussing a new subject, will indirectly help our planet. It is educating young minds, how to critically think and create a sense of citizenship.

Helping Ninjas promotes education to our youth about global issues such as poverty and hunger, environmental policies, climate change, endangered species, importance of renewable energy and our carbon imprint – in the form of lectures, projects, fund raisers, philanthropy opportunities and skill building  including not-for-profit education, leadership, writing, mathematics, science, engineering, problem solving, delegation tactics, logistics, strategy, critical thinking, business and not-for-profit operations,  public speaking, public relations, marketing, journalism, photography, videography, producing, graphic design, web design– and many more, plus career choice options that they can make to ensure these issues are being addressed. Such as scientists, green careers, agriculture, botany, culinary, health careers, business, and government – and more.

Helping Ninjas presents the information in a child friendly way. Connecting with local college professors, charities, other organizations efforts and local parks and government funded green clubs are great ways for children to become involved.

Helping Ninjas’ educational effort to teach children how to create renewable energy and how to do it themselves is done through the act of collecting items at home (that are no longer being used) and in turn giving it to charities. Enabling the child to see first hand how they can reuse, recycle, reduce at home all by themselves.Items such as canned food, coats, gloves, books, toys, shoes are each dedicated to a specific cause, showing children how different charitable organizations collect items and where they go is based on the charity effort. But the physical act of collection provides excellent tangible tools for teaching and connecting the dots in young minds.

Activities range from this to many, any others. Helping Ninjas is an organization devoted to helping many persons of charity – and by definition is a philanthropy. Children like to feel like they are a part of something – it gives them confidence and security and reassurance.

Any child can learn to help and can be a part of the Helping Ninjas.

Helping Ninjas Privacy 

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When kids are willing and can successfully interact and socialize in an environment with peers for a cause- there really is reason to celebrate!

– A Helping Ninjas Mom

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