Eco-Friendly Products

By using reuseable, compostable, plastic-free products you are:

  • Reducing your exposure to the toxins found in plastics and tin foil
  • Reducing your daily waste and a safe and sustaniable way to preserve and transport food
  • Leading others to change by example

Helping NInjas gives the companies who make these producuts a Helping Ninja High Five! Thank you for making these products available, and helping the planet!

Helping Ninjas is a student-led not-for-profit. These are some of our favorite products! They are eco-friendly and non-plastic items — all great for packing an eco-friendly lunch! A varitey of plastic-free options – all sizes, shapes and color! Join the Helping Ninjas Movement and start living #plasticfree and #zerowaste today!

Please click on each item to learn more and to see where you can purchase it, and start helping our enviroment! Or contact us at



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