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An initiative to bring awareness to the importance of helping your self; mental, physical and emotional health are all elements of our well being, and yoga combines all of these while encouraging balance, strength, clarity and control.

Kids Garden Yoga was designed by Helping Ninjas Layla in 2018, Layla was six years old, and by her mother, Lindsey Fella Berry, Helping Ninjas CEO who is a certified yoga and pilates instructor.

The name “Garden Yoga” was created when Helping Ninja Layla and her mother where at their community garden tending to their garden plots — four organic garden plots or growing vegtables and herbs for their school cafe and one organic garden plot for growing produce to donate to Second Helpings. 

In order to keep up with the hard work of gardening, they often enjoyed doing yoga poses, in the garden! 

Read the story of how the Helping Ninjas began organic gardening:

The Radish Story.

Kids Garden Yoga Art Poster

Helping Ninja Shruti helped Layla and her mother to come up with some art work to go along with our Kids Garden Yoga poses!

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Kids Garden Yoga Poses Series 1

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Helping Ninja Layla

Kids Garden Yoga in School

Helping Ninjas is a student led not for profit.

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