Helping Ninjas are supporting efforts to collect candy wrappers and recycle them this Halloween! Thanks to Rubicon’s Trick Or Trash, Helping Ninjas across the country are participating in this opportunity to create change and reduce waste to landfills!

Register For Helping Ninjas’ Trick Or Trash Zoom Parties!

Participation is free! All ages welcome!

Helping Ninjas youth leaders are celebrating Halloween with virtual parties via zoom! Helping Ninja participants will learn about recycling with fun and engaging activities online and experience Trick Or Trash curriculum first hand! Helping Ninjas participants will discus ideas and thoughts on sustainability and be given opportunities to share to the group. Participants will create trick or trash art and learn about expression and the importance of creating awareness about learning to help the planet and reducing waste.

To register, click here:

Helping Ninjas Trick Or Trash Zoom Party

Helping Ninjas are collecting neighborhoods, schools, organizing local drop offs at businesses and and throughout their communities. Helping Ninjas, Inc. a non-profit organization is based in Carmel, Indiana. Helping Ninjas mission is to create opportunities for youth to learn to be highly skilled at helping the world – the planet, each other and oneself.

Where can I take my empty candy wrappers?

Helping Ninjas has over forty collection sites in fifteen cities across the country!

To see a full list of participating businesses or drop off locations near you:

Click here to see more: Drop Off Locations


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