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Helping Ninjas challenge you to #floss4firefighters! Join our challenge on social media!

Join the Floss4Firefighter Challenge! Floss for firefighters! Join us on social media for our floss for fighter challenge! Do your best firefigher floss! This idea came from Helping Ninjas founder, Leo and his mother! Leo and his friends love to floss dance! Helping Ninjas wanted to do something to bring awareness to firefighters and all that they do for our communities! What better way to celebrate firefirghters, than to floss? Thus, the idea of flossing for firelighters was born!

Floss with us and bring awareness to firefighters! Our efforts  on social media ais a unique and fun way to engage community members to help us to create awareness and to set a postive example to youth and giving them an opportunity to show their gratitude to firefighters!

Join our efforts and challenge someone to floss for firefighters! Post your best floss video! We will repost on all social media outlets and share on!

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Helps us to create awareness about the importance of giving thanks and recognizing firefighters through our Initiative #Floss4Firefighters and #firefighterfloss and #flossforfirefighters!

Helping Ninjas are encouraging all individuals, organizations, offices, clubs, classrooms and even fire stations and firefighters to join in our flossing!

Floss and Tag us!

#Floss4Firefighters  #FlossForfirefighters

#FirefighterFloss        (Firefighters and fire stations tag this one!) Show us your best firefighter floss!

Join our Initiative to #ThankAFirefighterand our efforts to celebrate firefighters & do the floss!

Follow  @thankafirefighter to show your support!

Our initiative is encouraging youth (and adults) to  write letters! Helping Ninjas will be collecting and delivering thank you letters to local firefighters and mailing them to fire stations in California who are braving the largest fire fighter in state history.

First ever #FirefigherFloss Challenge KICK OFF today December 9th!


Join our challenge on social media!

Ninja Zone and Helping Ninjas Thank A Firefighter Ninja Games! Ninjas Are Flossing For Firefighters! Helping Ninjas and Ninja Zone are celebrating firefighters with a floss dance Ninja Zone is a partner of Helping Ninjas Thank A Firefighter Initiative

#FirefighterFloss        (Firefighters and fire stations tag this one!)

Show us your best firefighter floss!

Check out Fireifighter Justin’s firefighters floss at station 81! 


Check out these ninja floss dance!  Join us and floss for firefighters! 

#Floss4Firefighters #FlossForFirefighters #FirefighterFloss 

Ninja Zone Kids and Helping Ninjas and Westfield, IN Fire Department Station 81 kick off the firefighter floss social media challenge today! 

Thank you Channel 13 – WTHR for covering our event and helping to spread the word about our #Floss4Firefighter Challenge:

Westfield, IN helps to kick off our #Floss4Firefighter Challenge!