Thank A Firefighter Initiative

An initiative to bring awareness to the service, dedication and bravery firefighters portray across the globe, and to educate our youth the importance to to give thanks to firefighters and opportunities to do so.

Want to help us thank a firefighter?

Create a card to thank a firefighter, post it and tag #ThankAFireFighter @helpingninjas

Helping Ninjas Thank A Firefighter Initiative

Helping Ninjas will repost and will share photos and efforts to thank a firefighter on Twitter, Instagram & FB and showcase at the initiative’s website

Our vision to is to encourage thank you acts showing gratitude to appreciate and celebrate firefighters.

Helping Ninjas is an initiative to recognize a firefighter’s all emcombassing role of duty, community necessity, and the daily self-less acts of citizenship they give to our communities.

Helping Ninjas is encouraging youth (and adults) to  write letters! Heping Ninjas will be collecting and delivering thank you letters to local firefighters. 

For more info where to send your card to thank a firefighter and to find a local firestation, email us and we will help you!


New Helping Ninja Mission: Thank A Firefighter

Learn more about the widlfires in Southern California  and how you can help.

Californnia Wildfires.

Click here to see fire stations in Southern California that you can send cards too.



Thank A FireFighter Initiative
Please email if interested in helping with this initiative. 

Helping Ninjas is a student-led not for profit. Volunteers opportunities and internship positions are available to help with this initiative  and with the initiative’s website: Corporate sponsorships are also avaialble.