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Helping Ninjas, Inc. is a not-for-profit that is student-led and focuses on bringing awareness to the importance of teaching our youth ways to help the planet, each other and themselves. 

Helping Ninjas’ local, national and global philanthropical efforts and initiatives strive to enourage others to teach our youth how they can make a positive impact on their surroundings learning how to help others and respect the planet and humanity.

Helping Ninjas gives our future leaders an opportunity to learn about the world and how they can help and how to become an active citizen and learn about our environment and portray kindess. Celebrating acts of help and inspiring change, generates interest and awareness of the importance of educating themselves on global issues and finding the pathways to the solutions.

Helping Ninjas™️ A movement to inspire our youth to help the world.

Helping Ninjas™

The Helping Ninja bandana is a band of fabric, a common thread that ties us all together making our world a better place, if we all work together no matter our gender, race, ethnic or economic background and stand together and embrace our differences