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Learn.Help.Share. Learn.Help.Share. is learning about something & how to help, helping and then sharing what you learned with each other & on social media.

Helping Ninjas™ wants to create a desire and incentive for youth to help others, oneself and the planet.

Our vision Learn. Help. Share. is to create awareness on important issues and then educate youth to learn how to help, and then sharing that with others. You can do this by taking a picture or a video, writing something & sharing it! This way others can be inspired & learn how to help too!

Learning is helping. And you can help others by sharing what you have learned.  Join the Helping Ninjas moevment by sharing inspiring and educational posts @StandUp4RPlanet and begin helping the planet today!.

Learn Help Share with us! Helping Ninjas wants to share with others what you are doing to help the planet, each other, your communities, and yourself! Others may be inspired or learn from your posts! Learning about ways to help, is the first step of helping! Please consider posting and sharing on social media and tag #LearnHelpShare or #HelpingNinjas!

Learn.Help.Share  Learn.Help.Share. Video of Butler University, Indianapolis, IN, Horzions Sixth-Grade Campers. Helping Ninjas helped these students by sharing what we have learned about sustainable living and helped them learn too!

Helping Ninjas wishes to create opportunities for children to learn how to help, through education and community participation, a program designed to encourage and inspire children to help, no cost to participate – it is free to all students as well as partnering businesses, corporations and organizations – Learn.Help.Share. is an act of service to our community.

Helping Ninjas will be offering small achievement awards and incentives in the form of prizes or coupons to students who complete of acts of help each month and submit – at home, in classrooms, children organizations, etc.

Helping Ninjas outreach to local businesses to join our efforts, to inspire and create awareness about the importance of helping.

If you would like to learn more about the Learn.Help.Share. program or interested in involvement, participation or becoming a partner please contact us. Helping Ninjas is currently taking applications for sponsorships with this program. Please click here if you are business and would like to apply. 

Social Media Handle:  @LearnHelpShare

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Learn.Help.Share. SUBMISSIONS 

All submissions can be sent by e-mail and or mail to: info@helpingninjas.com Helping Ninjas will repost, re-gram and maybe event spotlight your submission on our website or student blog!

Helping Ninjas™ believes that educated opinions can be given to help youth to learn, however, to inspire, we believe that one must hold a positive angle when discussing concepts, ideas, policy, of conflicting interests.

Helping Ninjas asks that when submitting blog posts and our social media posts and/or tagging Helping Ninjas, or our Helping Ninjas Initiatives, to please abide by these guideline: If you cannot say something nice, then don’t say anything at all. Insults do not Inspire. 

Helping Ninjas hopes to set an example and precedent for others for proper and expected social behavior as a citizen of the world.  Through our Learn.Help.Share. and other Initiatives we will be encouraging youth and community engagement online social media.

Helping Ninjas believes that educated opinions can be given to help youth to learn, however, to inspire, we believe that one must hold a positive angle when discussing concepts, ideas, policy, of conflicting interests.

Example Learn.Help.Share. Video Blog Post:

Helping Ninjas™ Mission To India

Join us to Learn.Help.Share. while honoring and following guidelines of Helping Ninjas™ Social Media Etiquette. Read more here:

Social Media Etiquette

Once your child completes an entire’s month worth of “acts of help” please submit to us to redeem your Helping Ninjas reward!

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Children can choose from a variety of forms to participate. Click here.


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