Sid, Helping Ninjas, Fifth Grade, Age 11, College Wood Elementary, Carmel, IN

Helping Ninjas Student Blog Spotlight:

Hi! I’m a Head Ninja Leader and when I graduate from 5th grade and head on to middle school, I hope to start a Helping Ninjas club at my new school that focuses on helping the environment.  If I can create awareness for my whole school on this topic, I will get thousands of kids to help just like me. When I help it makes me feel as if I am soaring like Superman, saving the world. I want other kids to know this feeling too. One thing about my club is that I will give people a chance to get their ideas published, which will give them the feeling of being important. I will ask for ideas and will choose good ideas and publish them. This will also give them the chance to feel like they are superman too.  –Sid, A Helping Ninjas Leader

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How can blogging help a student? Read a supporting article here that explains how student blogging can positive influence youth. Blogging Helps Kids Development  

Helping Ninjas our youth to become expressive in their opinions in a mindful and creative way and give them a means to a voice. Helping Ninjas will help our youth to learn how to write about important issues related to how to help the world. Writing about ways to help our planet, each other and themselves and becoming ambassadors and leaders of helping.

Helping Ninjas can help students to become published writers and artists. Students whom are passionate about helping the world and enjoy writing and/or art – Helping Ninjas can help to share their expressions to others. Students can work in groups and/or individually. Learning ways to help our environment or someone in need can expand your child’s critical thinking.

Helping Ninjas provides opportunities as well as incorporating hands-on-learning and education in the fields of  journalism, videography, photography, public relations and marketing. When children participate in the act of philanthropic work and/or charitable ventures, they learn skills such as problem solving, teamwork, ethics, self -confidence, and helps them to build character and become better citizens in their community.

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When kids are willing and can successfully interact and socialize in an environment with peers for a cause- there really is reason to celebrate!  Join us with the initiative in helping us to create awareness amongst our youth about the importance of helping.
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