Endangered Species

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Helping Ninjas was founded on the idea of how to help endangered species. Children love learning about endanger species and get excited about it – especially when they are taught about them in a way that grabs their attention, such as cool photos or videos, or interesting and strong facts about. Children love all things in nature – and have a genuine and authentic desire to help them. We should learn how to maximize this so that they will continue the advocacy of helping endangered species.

After all, if we don’t help them learn how to help, who will?    -A Helping Ninja Mom


Accept our Helping Ninja Mission: Post a photo of an endangered species  and tag  #helpingninjas – you can also tag things like:  #kidscanhelptoo  #futurephotographers #endangeredspecies

Excerpt from our blog:

Orangutans are in danger

October 23, 2017

Hi Im a helping Ninja. I just learned about orangutans and their danger. I learned that their habitat is being destroyed by loggers for palm oil agriculture and the loggers eat the food of the rain forest because the log companies won’t provide food. No food left for orangutans. A female orangutan can only have babies every 3-5 years and 6000 estimated mothers were killed and captured 6000 babies. Only 1/3 of them lived. And the 2000 that lived and were sold as pets. I think this is very sad.  I want to help. So how do you help? You can help by adopting an orangutan at this website:  https://www.worldwildlife.org/species/orangutan. You can also help by just learning about it and telling others.

Helping Ninja, age 11,  Carmel, IN

Click on this picture to see where I found it – it came from this website about orangutans. Smithsonianmag.com

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