Farm To Table School Cafe

Helping Ninjas and Carmel Clay Schools, College Wood Cafe Garden

This video was created by Helping Ninjas, CEO, Lindsey Fella Berry. All content and photos were taken under supervsion of Susan Eva McCord, Carmel Clay Schools, CWE, Cafe and Cafe Garden Manager. The Helping Ninjas won a Carmel Green Teen Grant to help pursue and achieve their Green Community and Garden Outreach Project at Helping Ninjas founding members school: College Wood Elementary. Read more: Farm To Table Inspiration Story.

Susan Eva McCord is also the Green Team Representative at CWE. Lindsey Fella Berry, is the CCS CWE Green Team Parent Representatiave and helps to over see the Carmel Clay Schools Green Team Social Media and Outreach Efforts.

“The Raddish Story” is a true-story, about the Helping Ninjas and their school cafe garden. Lindsey Fella Berry, The Helping Ninja Mom, is a contributing writer to the Indianapolis Moms Blog.

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