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Helping Ninjas 
Helping Ninjas is a continuous ongoing effort to create opportunities to learn.
Helping Ninjas is designed so that children can learn to help and execute acts of help individually or in a group setting. A movement to teach and inspire our youth to help – we want helping ninjas everywhere! If you would like to join our efforts, and become a helping ninja, please contact: info@helpingninjas and subscribe to our blog for inspirations and ideas. There are many ways to participate in Helping Ninjas and endless opportunities for children of any age, or adult, to get involved!

Start learning to become highly skilled at helping! 

You can join Helping Ninjas by following us on social media at @HelpingNinjas and follow any of our initiatives:

Already Helping?  If you, a child, a family, a classroom, or someone you know is already a “helping ninja” by example, please e-mail us: info@helpingninjas.com  so that we can spotlight their Helping Ninja Skills!

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful
Carmel Clay Schools Green Team
Carmel Clay Schools DECA
Carmel Green Initiative For Kids. The Promise Project is a youth-led program for kids, ages 8-18 who want to do something big about climate change.  Check it out  The Promise Project.

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Youth Power Indiana  A youth-driven climate stewardship and civic leadership program. Our Children’s Trust, an Oregon-based organization empowering youth to get involved in climate leadership. Fifteen states are now actively engaged in youth leadership, regarding the reduction of fossil fuel emissions and the growth of clean, renewable energy. Also, partners with iMatter, a national organization dedicated to youth-led Climate Recovery on a city-by-city basis.