Pollinator Gardens

Helping Ninjas love learning about pollinators!

Want to know how your child can be a Helping Ninja too? It’s easy! Plant a native pollinating plant and take pictures of its progress – watch as the pollinators arrive! Send them to us to share so other Helping Ninjas all over the world can learn too!

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Helping Ninjas Pollinators Video 

Video: Pollinators in Action

Video: Bumble Bee

Video: A Yellow Jacket

The Native Bee Hut Project 

Arrival of the Native Bee Hive Huts

What Is A Native Bee Hut?

Native Bees and Plants

Native Bee Hut Project Ninja Missions

To learn more about Holly Faust of Cool Creek Nature Center and the Helping Ninjas’ Native Bee Hut Project and keep up with our progress, subscribe to the  Helping Ninjas Blog here:  SUBSCRIBE TO OUR BLOG

Holly Faust, Hamilton County Parks, Cool Creek Nature Center


Want to read more about how wasps act as pollinators? Click on the picture below to link to an article. Read about pollinating wasps and why we shouldn’t squash them…



Organizations Helping Pollinators 


Bee Public Save the bees Indiana! Bee Public is making Indianapolis a more bee-friendly city through responsible beekeeping practices, education, and community outreach.








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