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Helping Ninjas are choosing new Helping Ninja emojis for our Helping Ninja emoji sticker app!

How does the emoji art contest work?

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At the end of Earth Month in April, the Helping Ninjas will vote via our Helping Ninja Zoom Party!

No limit of submissions! Children can enter AS MANY Helping Ninja emojis as they want!

Each month Helping Ninjas donates a portion of the net profits from our Helping Ninjas Sticker App to other charitable organization!

Share your helping ninja emojis with us!

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Thank you Maddie!

Today in our first “test run” of our Helping Ninjas ZOOM Parties Helping Ninja, Maddie, age 10, made this Helping Ninja Emoji art!

It’s a Helping Ninja shark!

Helping Ninja Maddie

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The Helping Ninja bandana is a band of fabric, a common thread that ties us all together, despite differences of age, status, gender, race, ethnic or economic background, making our world a better place through kindness and selfless acts – whether it be helping the planet, each other or oneself. 

Each quarter, 25% of the proceeds of this Helping Ninja Sticker pack will benefit a specific cause and/or another not-for-profit organization.

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Artwork created by Helping Ninja children!