Refusing Single Use Plastics

Matt Mays asked me during a shoot at our home for the new Indianapolis Zoo Doplhin Show Production, “After this is all said and done, what do I want this to do?”

To inspire change and inspire others to choose to refuse single use plastics!”

There I sat in my Be The Change shirt, leading an organization to inspire youth and inspire others to learn how to help the planet, inspire others to stand up to plastic and help the environment, hoping what my family does will inspire viewers in the zoo audience watching – and I failed to say this!

I answered to the best of my knowledge and spoke the truth of what I had learned going plastic free nearly six years ago and nearly zero waste over the past year.

Honestly, I was nervous and I didn’t recall seeing that on the production schedule that I would be personally interviewed, so was a bit caught off guard. Don’t get me wrong, I was flattered that Helping Ninjas were asked to be interviewed, to use our everyday life choices and experience and knowledge of how to use less plastic as an example to the Indianapolis area community, so, yes, I was excited that this photo shoot, Helping Ninjas was asked to participate; I had thought they wanted to interivew just the children!

Layla, my duaghter, and Helping Ninja being interviewed on what types of things she packs her lunch in, other than plastic.

Leo, Age 9, got to share his testimony of how it makes him feel when he helps, and how he hopes others learn the harms of global plastic pollution on marine animals.

It was a great experience for the Helping Ninjas, and anything we can do to help inspire others, we are hope for the challenge.

I do, however, remember telling Mr. Mays under the bright lights and into the camera lens something I feel is important for others to consider before tossing sometihng into the trash can, and that somethng is this:

“There is no such thing as away. “

“Everything must go somewhere.”

Yesterday, I was watching old re-run episodes of the Brady Bunch with my four children, and Mr. Brady had gone grocery shopping; Mike and Carol had switched duties for the day. Mr. Brady had brought home four brown, paper bags full of food! The Brady girls, excalimed, “Good job Daddy!”

He preceeded to pull out plastic bag, after plastic bag, after plastic bag of vegetables.

Layla, my seven year old, goes, “Look Mom at all that plastic!”

Leo, says, “Yep, and those plastic bags are still here on the Earth. “

Almost 40 years later.

Leo is right.

Plastic. made out of petroleum, takes hundreds of years to bio-degrade. Hundreds.

Although, I didn’t ace the interview exactly as I would have liked, said the exact things I wish I had in retrospect, having perfect rehearsed answeres to each question, instead, I had done something just as great. Maybe, even greater.

I had taught my children something.

They were now aware.

I wanted to share this story, and how my family and the Helping Ninjas have embarked on a journey to refuse single use plastics and also, share a few photos that we captured of Mays Entertainment and his crew; a few “behind the scenes” photos of the new production to educate the environemental harms of plastic on dolphins and how one can help. We cannot wait to see the end result, and hope our story and experiences will hope to inspire others to refuse single use plastics!

Lindsey Fella Berry, The Helping Ninjas Mom

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