Carmel Green Initiative

Today, I ventured out to the Carmel Public Library to help with the “Carmel Green Initiative.” I was excited for this special experience to volunteer at the booth through Helping Ninjas. Immediately, I took on a role to help kids go through a simulation where they take on a fictional role of being a carbon dioxide molecule, and they went through the lifecycle of the molecule. The simulation allowed us to see how much carbon dioxide is in each environment; some of the environments included in the game were Atmosphere, Plant/Animal, Marine Life, Fossil Fuel, Deep Ocean, Ocean Surface, Soil, and Ocean Sediment. What we learned through this simulation was that carbon dioxide today is located most in the atmosphere. This is because of many reasons, but especially due to increases in burning fossil fuels for our cars, heating our home, and providing our house with electricity. These actions release carbon dioxide. This also causes global warming and pollution.

Many kids looped through the simulation, and I enjoyed helping little kids learn about our environment. The kids came up with great ideas of how we can stop the pollution of carbon dioxide. Some ideas that the kids shared were that we should make electric cars mandatory and ban fossil fuels. Other ways to go green are install solar panels on houses, use CFL’s and LED’s light bulbs, and plant trees that make oxygen. Overall, this was a great activity for me and other kids, and if I had an opportunity to do this again, I would leap at it.

Blog Post Written By Avi, Sycamore School, Indianapolis, IN

Avi, 7th grade, Helping Ninja

Helping Ninjas of Indianapois

At the Carmel Clay Library

Helping Ninjas of Indianapolis at the Carmel Clay Library Festival! Helping Ninjas with Carmel Green Initiative!

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