Bottled Water, The New poison?

Hi I am a Helping Ninja! Everyday people use plastic water bottles. There are many bad things people do with water bottles, but it is not only littering. Littering is a major problem to the environment and the world, but bottled water is also affecting people’s health. My friend’s father is a scientist and pharmaceutical cancer researcher – and he was telling me and my parents about the new findings they are finding in regards to the potential harm of bottled water. Drinking bottled water can cause serious health problems. First of all bottled water is tapped water, tapped water itself is very unhealthy. But the bottle itself is causing a big problem; plastic bottles are made of plastic, but imagine drinking melted plastic? It sounds unrealistic, but when we leave plastic bottles in the sun – or just out in at all in general, they melt into the water. This means that we could be drinking plastic. If brought into the body, plastic can become poison. The melted plastic can not be digested by the stomach, so it will head to the liver. The liver will try to digest the plastic and it will cause severe liver problems. For example, this can cause liver cancer. Just by drinking from a plastic water bottle, people can die. I wish my school would create awareness about this, and find an alternative to using and selling plastic water bottles. How can my school be “green” if we are polluting ourselves and the world with the promotion of plastic bottles?

Siddarth, Age 11, Helping Ninjas, Fifth Grade, Carmel, IN

The EPA is Helping and So Can You

Hi I am a Helping Ninja! Our World Is a Beautiful place, it is the place we all call home. But imagine us destroying our own home. We all care abut are world, but slowly we are the ones tearing it apart. According to an article in Science World, Looking For Home, now, our government is taking action to what we have done. The EPA is our National team that takes action for the mess we created. The EPA was officially established in 1970, when President Richard Nixon approved the formation of the EPA. The EPA was formed after the “Clean Air Act” was pasted on by Congress in 1963; and after “The Cuyahoga River”  caught fire by pollution in 1969. The EPA created the “Clean Water Act” in 1972, which gave the EPA the power to set water-quality standards to the whole nation and to regulate pollutants in bodies of water. The EPA also created the act of phasing out gasoline containing the toxin lead.  I am glad to see these positive changes happening, and I will write more next time. To be continued….

Siddarth, Helping Ninjas, Age 11, College Wood, Carmel, IN

Science World, April 23, 2019 Vo. 74 No. 11


Happy Earth Day!

Hi I am a Helping Ninja and I am six years old! Today I found a birds nest on our front door.  It is so cool. My big brother who is eight years old told me it’s important not to touch it because if we do the mother bird will not come back.Here are the pictures that I took and you can watch my video on our Helping Ninjas YouTube Channel!

Layla, Helping Ninja, Age 6, College Wood, Carmel, IN 



Birds nest on my front door!

There is a real birds egg inside!

But DON’T TOUCH IT! Or the mama bird will not return to it and then it would not live.

Rock For A Cause

In effort to reduce waste, Helping Ninjas got to rock out at School Of Rock!

All proceeds went towards Second Helpings – an awesome not-for-profit organization that rescues food and cooks meals and delivers them to families in need!

The Helping Ninjas brought items from Second Helpings Wish List to participate in the School of Rock’s Demo Class – an Rock 101 where all participants got to experience different instruments and vocals and learn a classic rock song and play together as a real rock band!  Saving the planet and helping others!




Now this is what a red carpet should look like! 

In 2017, Second Helpings made in their kitchen and delivered over  1,493,963 meals with food that was rescued from local grocery stores and restaurants.  Click here to learn more about Second Helpings !

ACDC’s TNT  song inspired some future rockers! Watch our video on YouTube!


To learn more about Helping Ninjas’ Rock For Cause with School of Rock and to see more pictures – Rock Out 4 Earth Day Cause!


Thank you School of Rock

Helping Ninjas think YOU ROCK!









Click here to learn more about School of Rock


Read our Student Blog and see how the Helping Ninjas got to help!

Second Helpings


Caterpillar Project

Hi – I am Helping Ninja!

Today at school was the second day of our Caterpillar Project that I am doing in my second grade class! We are going to watch them turn into butterflies and then we are going to release them! Caterpillars eat mallow. Mallow is a type of flower. It is going to take about 12 to 15 days to make the pupa and then about a week for them to emerge.

Leo, Helping Ninja, Age 8, College Wood Elementary, Carmel, IN


Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week is approaching in May, consider thanking your teacher with a naturally plant-based gift. This basket was put together by a Helping Ninjas kids – items consist of the following plant based items:

  • Lemon Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Young Living Essential Oil Glass Roller
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Counter Top Compost Bin
  • Eco-Friendly Children Hand Wipes
  • Seventh Generation Dish Soap
  • Method Green All Purpose Cleaner
  • Ceramic Planter
  • Stainless Steel Bucket Planter
  • Tomato Seeds
  • Lavender Seeds
  • Compost Jar (Homegrown by Helping Ninjas kids)
  • Seedling Starter Jar (Made my Helping Ninjas kids)
  • Lavender Hand Sanitizer Wipes
  • Lavender Hand Soap
  • Turquoise Cloth Kitchen Napkins
  • Recyclable Compostable bags
  • Recyclable Cloth Napkins