The EPA is Helping and So Can You

Hi I am a Helping Ninja! Our World Is a Beautiful place, it is the place we all call home. But imagine us destroying our own home. We all care abut are world, but slowly we are the ones tearing it apart. According to an article in Science World, Looking For Home, now, our government is taking action to what we have done. The EPA is our National team that takes action for the mess we created. The EPA was officially established in 1970, when President Richard Nixon approved the formation of the EPA. The EPA was formed after the “Clean Air Act” was pasted on by Congress in 1963; and after “The Cuyahoga River”  caught fire by pollution in 1969. The EPA created the “Clean Water Act” in 1972, which gave the EPA the power to set water-quality standards to the whole nation and to regulate pollutants in bodies of water. The EPA also created the act of phasing out gasoline containing the toxin lead.  I am glad to see these positive changes happening, and I will write more next time. To be continued….

Siddarth, Helping Ninjas, Age 11, College Wood, Carmel, IN

Science World, April 23, 2019 Vo. 74 No. 11