Food Waste

Helping Ninjas wants to share this educational information we learned about on the United Nation’s website. The full article and graphs can be seen at: 

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Working for Zero Hunger

World Food Day 2018 Activity Book
Year of publication: 2018
Publisher: FAO
Place of publication: Rome, Italy
Pages: #20
Job Number: I9420EN;
Author: FAO;

Abstract:Did you know that there are 815 million people in the world that go to bed hungry, while 1.9 billion people are overweight?

The world has set a challenge to achieve Zero Hunger and better nutrition by 2030. But governments can’t do it alone – everyone has a role to play.Come on the Zero Hunger journey with me to discover what each of us -governments, farmers, businesses and the general public- have to do to reach this goal. Learn how you can become part of the Zero Hunger Generation!See also related Activity Books: