Magic Yarn Project


The Magic Yarn project, is a program for kids suffering from cancer.  Hundreds of thousands of kids have cancer. The most common type of kids’ cancer is Luekimia, Luekimia is a blood cancer most commonly found in kids. kids going through Luekimia usualy go through a Drug treatment called “Limo-Therapy.” People going through this treatment have hair loss due to the effects of the medicines. The Magic Yarn Progic makes beanies in the style of princess hair styles and Superheros. The use yarn to make these beanies, which make them much more comfortable than store bought beanies. These beanies are also very uniqe do to their creative styles. People have said that their children have felt like normal children again after recieving these magnificent gifts. The Magic yarn Project also accepts cards with Superhero stickers, and Princess stickers. My school has been praticapating by collecting Superhero and Princess stickers, and then they have been turning those into cards for donations. Help The Magic Yarn Project accomplish their goal by donating today! Link to donate: Magic Yarn Project

Siddarth Chavali, age 11, 2018

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