Helping Ninjas Help Green Community

Three local Carmel elementary students will be awarded $1000 for a Carmel Green Teen Micro-Grant, a subsidy of the Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF). The grant will fund a restoration project that includes installation of three butterfly/pollinating gardens and removal of invasive species – over a combined 3900 sq. feet of land.

“Native habitat restoration is so important, especially for pollinating species that are in danger of becoming extinct. We focus heavily on achieving native restoration within our parks and we are so proud to work alongside the younger members of our community who share these same goals,” said Rachael Fleck, Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation Volunteer Coordinator.

The Head Ninjas, Helping Ninjas student leaders, attend College Wood Elementary and collectively wrote the grant application. The students receiving the CICF award include Siddarth Chavali, age eleven, Vedh Barre, age nine, and Leo Berry, age eight.

Helping Ninjas also received a grant in the amount of $780 for a Green Living and From the Garden Initiative, Awareness and Outreach project that will benefit Carmel Clay Schools Community Organic Gardens, CWE Cafeteria Organic Garden Plots, Carmel Clay School Green Team Student Clubs and College Wood Elementary.

Helping Ninjas will be working alongside Susan McCord, District CCS Green Team Representative and Director of College Wood Elementary Cafe & CWE Organic Cafe Garden Plots to help pursue, achieve and bring awareness to her farm to table goals at College Wood Elementary.

About Helping Ninjas Inc.
Helping Ninjas, Inc. is a not-for-profit that is student-led and focuses on bringing awareness to the importance of teaching our youth ways to help the planet, each other and themselves. Helping Ninjas Inc. was founded by eight-year old Leo Berry, and was recently incorporated in February 2018. The organization currently has approximately 50 active youth and their family members engaged in its mission to become Highly Skilled At Helping. Helping Ninjas, Inc. has been awarded a U.S. Trademark for both their name and logo that is to be published in the Official Gazette on May 8, 2018.

Instagram: @helpingninjas

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