A seed is just a start.

Kevin is an environmental consultantin Irving Park, Chicago. For the past two years, Kevin has supplied seedlings to his neighbors for their own backyards or container gardens.

Once the seedlings are ready, he puts them outside on a sidewalk with a sign that says “FREE!” He gives away herbs, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries and more.

Last year, he built this miniature urban greenhouse using wood planks and special polycarbonate plastic. He can grow over 100 seedlings on these shelves!

I asked him if he worried about his plants going to good use.

“I’ve seen my plants in windowsills and gardens all around the neighborhood.” Kevin said. “Most people want to garden, they just need a little head start.”

This shows that you do not need a large farm or machines to grow your own food- just a little creativity or a friendly neighbor is all it takes!

Written By Melissa Kidulas, Age 22, Indianapolis

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