Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time to reflect and think about those who courageously served our country so that we have the privilege to say we our Americans.

Thank you to all who have served and continue to each and every day.

Photo of A Helping Ninjas Great Grandfather




Students Spend Holiday Helping Earth

Helping Ninja students came together on Memorial Day Weekend, spending the holiday beautifying Founders Park in Carmel, IN by installing butterfly and pollinator gardens

“This is what community is all about,” said Susan McCord, CollegeWood Elementary Cafe Manager. “It really is about helping each other and our planet Earth.”

The 300 square foot of land had been overwritten by invasive species. Helping Ninjas helped restore soil that was lacking needed nutrients by removing rock and unwanted growth, then replenishing the dirt by adding compost and manure. Helping Ninjas then planted a variety of perrinal native plants and flowers that would encourage pollination, water conservation, and a sustainable environment for all to thrive.

Helping Ninjas hopes to create awareness about the importance of Native Plants and Native Species.








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Helping Founders Park

A Note from a Ninja

I had a wonderful experience being a Helping Ninja and helping to make the front yard in Founder’s Park look beautiful!

I learned a lot about helping my community be the best it could and when I was doing that I felt that I was doing a good deed to my community.

Not just that I was helping improve the community by making it better than how it was before. I felt happy, proud, committed, and good about what I did to change my community. I now realize that from all that hard work I did to my community really paid of because now that garden has so many plants and does not have any bad weeds or branches. I really appreciated this exciting opportunity and wish for many more!!

Amogh,  Helping Ninja,  Fourth Grade, College Wood Elementary

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Students Spend Holiday Helping Earth


Helping Ninjas Help Green Community

Three local Carmel elementary students will be awarded $1000 for a Carmel Green Teen Micro-Grant, a subsidy of the Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF). The grant will fund a restoration project that includes installation of three butterfly/pollinating gardens and removal of invasive species – over a combined 3900 sq. feet of land.

“Native habitat restoration is so important, especially for pollinating species that are in danger of becoming extinct. We focus heavily on achieving native restoration within our parks and we are so proud to work alongside the younger members of our community who share these same goals,” said Rachael Fleck, Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation Volunteer Coordinator.

The Head Ninjas, Helping Ninjas student leaders, attend College Wood Elementary and collectively wrote the grant application. The students receiving the CICF award include Siddarth Chavali, age eleven, Vedh Barre, age nine, and Leo Berry, age eight.

Helping Ninjas also received a grant in the amount of $780 for a Green Living and From the Garden Initiative, Awareness and Outreach project that will benefit Carmel Clay Schools Community Organic Gardens, CWE Cafeteria Organic Garden Plots, Carmel Clay School Green Team Student Clubs and College Wood Elementary.

Helping Ninjas will be working alongside Susan McCord, District CCS Green Team Representative and Director of College Wood Elementary Cafe & CWE Organic Cafe Garden Plots to help pursue, achieve and bring awareness to her farm to table goals at College Wood Elementary.

About Helping Ninjas Inc.
Helping Ninjas, Inc. is a not-for-profit that is student-led and focuses on bringing awareness to the importance of teaching our youth ways to help the planet, each other and themselves. Helping Ninjas Inc. was founded by eight-year old Leo Berry, and was recently incorporated in February 2018. The organization currently has approximately 50 active youth and their family members engaged in its mission to become Highly Skilled At Helping. Helping Ninjas, Inc. has been awarded a U.S. Trademark for both their name and logo that is to be published in the Official Gazette on May 8, 2018.

Instagram: @helpingninjas

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Helping Ninjas to beautify Founders Park, promote community garden



A Note From a Ninja

Hi! I’m a Head Ninja Leader and when I graduate from 5th grade and head on to middle school, I hope to start a Helping Ninjas club at my new school that focuses on helping the environment.  If I can create awareness for my whole school on this topic, I will get thousands of kids to help just like me. When I help it makes me feel as if I am soaring like Superman, saving the world. I want other kids to know this feeling too. One thing about my club is that I will give people a chance to get their ideas published, which will give them the feeling of being important. I will ask for ideas and will choose good ideas and publish them. This will also give them the chance to feel like they are superman too.

Sid, Helping Ninjas, Fifth Grade, Age 11, College Wood Elementary, Carmel, IN


Art Is Nature

Hi! I’m a Helping Ninja and I love going to the Indiana Museum or Art. My daddy has been taking me there since I was a baby. My daddy loves art. He went to Indiana University in Bloomington and he studied art there. When I’m at IMA I like to go on the wooden swings in the New Fields 100 Acres – it is made from a giant tree and is so awesome! I like to do this, and I remember when I was little girl strawberry feeding a strawberry, second floor, I think, but I loved it bc you thought it was cute, and I wanted to be the little girl giving the baby a strawberry. Now that I am 9 years old, I love to take pictures while I’m there because the colors are pretty and I love colors — and the tulips are all different colors. Taking pictures is fun because I can share them with the world.

Maddie, Helping Ninjas, Third Grade, 9 years old, Carmel, IN

“Art is fun, especially for children, and it was a way we connected. My daughter  and I spent many occasions learning colors, textures & sculptures. Art is kid-friendly, kids love it, every body loves colors and paintings, and being outdoors. And nature is art.”Tim, A Helping Ninjas Dad