Why We Love TerraCycle

TerraCycle is a company that allows you to recycle and reuse, well, anything.

That’s a pretty cool thing because it means, less trash in the landfill. Less trash in the rivers. And, less pollution in the ocean. And, I love animals. My sister Layla loves dolphins. My brother Sawyer loves sharks. Skyler, my youngest brother loves sea turtles. My mom, well shes scared of sharks and to scared to touch dolphins, but she loves the ocean because she says it makes her happy, and because the ocean helps us breathe. She says without it we would not be here anymore. My dad loves to swim in the ocean. He jumps in the waves with us and he goes really far out and it scares my mom. She has to yell at him to come back sometimes. He does.

Why am I telling you all this? Because if we don’t start recycling all things ever made, our ocean will be full of trash. And, then – well, um, it is NOT good.


TerraCycle gives you a box and then you collect the trash and then you mail it back to them. They turn it into something useful and keep the trash out of the landfill.

My mom met a really nice lady named Shannon Cook. She is the sustainability manager at a place that sells cars and trucks and vans. It’s called Tom Wood Subaru.

My family and our friends in our neighborhood collect things that we give to TerraCycle so they can recycle it. Otherwise, it will end up in the trash can. Which, we all know wher that goes. TerraCycle is awesome. They can help save our planet.

Subaru helps stuff get recycled and re-used at TerraCycle.

Subura loves the Earth so they want to help, just like us.

We collect trash at home that we cannot put in our recycle bins and we collect stuff in our neighborhood from other helping ninja’s houses, like Jack and Garrett, and, my mom’s hair dresser, Elana, she collects her K-Cups at her salon for us, and two other helping ninjas, Claire and Alice, their mom, Kate, collects trash at her office for us. Her office, It’s called Eli Lilly.

We collect snack wrappers and snack bar wrappers and chip bags. And K -cups for coffee makers and plastic coffee lids and coffee cups.

Some of the stuff we buy at the store has the TerraCycle symbol on, letting you know you can recycle it with TerraCycle. Otherwise, it will not get recycled and goes to a landfill. Thumbs down.

My little sister Layla, can be annoying sometimes, but I guess we do have some fun when take a trip over to see Shannon, and we get to recycle our trash. with TerraCycle.

We think it is fun to help the planet.

Once we collec all the trash that is not recyable at our homes, we take it to Shannon. She sends it TerraCycle. TerraCycle will recycle the stuff into something that Subaru can use to help others. Like a park bench or a picnic table. Shannon said they have a whole magazine of stuff and she would show it to us next time. Shannon also said that Subaru will donate it to a local school or park. I think that that is very nice and I think that all busineses should do this. My friend and brother and sisters do to.

Shannon helps us to put the trash in the boxes. She thanks us everytime we come and bring her stuff to send to TerracCycle. She says that she mails the boxes and TerraCycle does the rest.

Shannon must be really smart. And Subaru. Becuase they help the planet and becaue they know about TerraCycle.

We collected so much trash this time that we filled all the TerraCycle boxes really quick and Shannon said she would have to take some of our trash out to the work garage to put in the other TerraCycle boxes..

This is Vedh and Sawyer. I’ve known Vedh since he and I were four years old. Sawyer, he’s my little brother, he is six.

Subaru has these boxes to collect plastic coffee lids and cups all over their offices that way you can’t forget to recycle it.

If you do, then well, that is pretty lazy.

TerraCycle has these other boxes that are really cool called zero-waste boxes. These zero-waste boxes, you can put anything in, and they will recycle it. It’s awesome.

By the way, I don’t like writing in school and typing is just ok. So my mom lets me use a voice text in her notes on her iPhone and I get to record what I am saying. She will ask me questions and then I’ll answer into the microphone. Sometimes I just say things like I am now. Then she copies and pastes it into this word press blog so it lets me fix my words pretty quick that were spelled wrong. My mom helps me with the punctuation. And some of the grammer that I don’t know or forget. Like periods and capital letters. I always forget those. She also told me this is still writing even though I am talking, so I guess I like to write when I get to write this way. And my mom is teaching me how to upload pictures to the blog today.

So, why do we love TerraCycle. (My mom just asked me to repeat the question.) I love Terra Cycle becuase the guy who founded it, he doesn’t belive in throwing things away. He says we can resuse everything. My mom says he is right. When he was 25 he had this idea and about ten years later he is doing really great stuff. I have to agree with him. (His name is Tom.) Tom says that ALL waste can be recylced and reused and used as renewable energy.

Here is a picture of Tom. My mom taguht me how to screen shot something on her iphone, and then we can put it in the blog. This picture came from Tom’s website: TerraCycle.com.

What Tom is doing with Terra Cycle is awesome because he is helping the world. He is teaching others about waste and what we cacn do with it, besides dump it in a landfill. It reminds me of when I learned about composting. I thought that was pretty cool too. Taking food waste and making it something else that helps more food grow. My mom taught me about composting. She loves to compost. And she really likes TerraCycle. So do me and my friends and Layla, Sawyer and Skyler. And my dad. When he remembers to do it right. My mom sometimes has to remind him,. She says, “Mitch that goes in the TerraCycle box.”

If you know someone using Terra Cycle, send pictures to us, and we can post them. And your story too. That way we can all help save the sea animals and the ocean and the planet by using less stuff and not throwing things away in the trash can.

Reusing stuff and recycling, well, its actually, cool. And, well, so is TerraCycle.

Leo, Helping Ninja, Age 9

These are our pictures with Shannon at Tom Wood Subau in Indianapolis, Indiana where we take our trash to be mailed to TerraCycle to make cool stuff out of it.

TerraCycle was founded by Tom Szaky. This video is about Tom and his ideas on waste and recycling. You can learn alot by watching the video. You can also learn more about him and his company at TerraCycle.com

Subaru Loves Earth

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