Kids Need More Recess

Written By Leo Berry, Helping Ninja Founder/Creator, Age 9

I think kids should go outside more and I think we kids, need to have a longer recess.

Five to ten minutes outside is not enough for kids our age. A school day is eight hours long, kids need more recess.

Kids need to be outside more. Because it’s good for their health and social skills. I like playing tag and I get to talk to my friends at recess.

At my school we only get that , five to ten minutes. The thrid grade classes, we’re supposed to go outside at 12:00 and recess ends at 12:10, but it sometimes ends at five minutes early because the recess teacher wil l say that we have lunch at 12:25. And cuts our time outside, because we have to go inside to get ready for lunch.

But, after recess and before lunch, we read a book or an e-book or talk with a classmate for up ten minutes. (Or with our heads down on our desk because someone acted out and got the whole class in trouble.)  I think we should use this time to spend more time outside. 

On average, American children spend four to seven minutes a day in outdoor play and spend seven or more hours in front of a screen.

A recent study by the Seattle Children’s Research Institute says on average, children aged 10 to 16 spend only 12.6 minutes a day on outdoor activity and spend 10.4 hours of either indoors in school or watching tv or playing video games.

The study says on average, children aged 10 to 16 spend only 12.6 minutes a day on outdoor activity and spend 10.4 hours of watching tv or playing video games.

When I read this, I flipped and thought, “why are they on so long?”

I think that is too long. And definitely not enough time outside.

Kids should have longer recess because it improves physical activity and social skills. Being outside helps kids to exert more energy. This is sometimes a problem our class. Kids sometimes roll around on the floor or talk too loud because they have more energy and they don’t have a way to get it out. And, they get in trouble.

Doctors say that being in nature is good for kids health.

And that just being outside will help our mind and body get strong.

I think that schools need to think about how they can add more recess time into their school day. And if the school curriculum rules say that they cannot add more reccess, they may need to think about it and maybe rethink the rules. And, teachers maybe they could try to mix outside and our work. Like incoroprate going outside into our daily lessons. Some studies say being outside improves chidren’s creativity and foucs.

I have a freind who is on focus medicine. Some studies and doctors say that it improves this too. That being outside helps you focus better when go inside. There was a big article in the New Yorks Times about how nature helps kids mental health. Maybe it would help my friend if we had more recess and help other kids too.

Another reason  kids should go outside more as it helps kids focus and concentrate on class work and also improves the five senses. And being outside also helps your body’s defenses from getting sick – going outside improves your immune system.  It also helps the development your brain. It helps with being more friendly and talking – helps your socializing skills .

And, here’s the best part about it – being outside, it’s also proven, that it makes kids happier.

Leo, Central Park, New York City, New York
Helping Ninjas Photo Copyright December 2018

Helping Ninjas Rock Climbing at Central Park, New York City, New York
Helping Ninjas Photo Copyright December 2018

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    1. I think that Leo wrote a spot on article,who knows better than a nine year old what he needs. awesome job very proud of you Leo our county needs a lot of young men like you continue to be who you are.proud great uncle jerry

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