The Wetlands And Why They Are So Important To Our Society

By: Arjun Sunil, Age 13, Helping Ninja

A wetland is an area where a certain amount of water covers a large or small piece of land. Sometimes water is only covering the piece of land temporarily. This is when there is a lot of rain, mostly during the spring. Other times the water that is in the wetlands are there permanently.

Wetlands are beneficial to this world because they help our society in many ways. One way is that the wetlands shelter many animals of many different species. The wetlands have been homes to many people in the past and to some in the present. With water in the wetlands, come fish. People can use the wetlands to their advantage by getting the fish from the water. This was how many people back then got their food.

One of the biggest reasons why the wetlands are so important is because they are a big part of flooding prevention. When there is a flood in an area near or in the wetland area, The wetlands soak in all of that water so that it cannot go anywhere else. This is also how a lot of wetland areas are formed.

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