The Less Air Pollution, The Best Solution

By: Arjun Sunil, Helping Ninja, Age 12

In the past year, it has come to my attention that people around the world are suffering from stroke, ischaemic Heart Disease, and even lung cancer. One of the causes of this is air Pollution. Air pollution is a worldwide problem. According to “ScienceDaily”, air pollution takes about 4.6 million lives each year. Pollution is always looked down upon. The main reason for air pollution is us, humans. We use non-renewable energy every day for our own advantage not knowing that it could hurt others and their homes. One place where air pollution is truly the most deadly problem is New Delhi, India. As a person who is from India, I am truly hurt that India’s capital is suffering from the air that can cause traumatic effects on the human body. One of the main reasons for air pollution in this city is the use of non-renewable resources in motorized vehicles. Another main cause of air pollution is burning wood on agricultural lands. Farmers burn wood on the land in which the methane from the fire produces, travels to the city. New Delhi is not the only city struggling with this problem. Hundreds of cities struggle every day due to poor air quality.

How We Can Help

Many people around the world have also taken notice of this problem. Unfortunately, there is no going back to zero air pollution. However, we can reduce the number of fossil fuels being used every day. Kids around the world have been protesting for world leaders to stand up for their people and making a change in our world. The kids want everyone to ensure that there will be a bright future for everyone. We can also help by doing small things around the house. These may not seem like much help, but trust me, it will help all of us in the future.

  1. Unplug electronic device chargers when not in use
  2. Turn of the lights when no one is in the room
  3. Do not leave plugged in devices on
  4. Try to limit the use of gasoline on the stove
  5. Limit the use of taking your personal vehicle(Try to take public transport or walk, and ride a bike)
  6. Plant trees in your yard(They help reduce carbon dioxide levels in the air)
  7. Switch to electric lawn equipment

This picture represents what a city looks like with and without pollution.

Credit to the people who made this picture-

Pollution may bring us down, but we can make the world better. We can fight pollution for the better of everyone around us. Now the only place to go is UP!