A wish for a Strawless Ocean On WishTV

Today we went to IndyStyle on WISH-TV and we talked about how strawless oceans and not using plastic straws. I think that we don’t need to use plastic straws because it is hurting our environment, ocean and living creatures. Its affecting sea animals and some land animals.

On tv, we showed different kinds off straws to use besides plastic straws. We hope that people learned from what we did. We know that one restaurant and its management members did. They announced on television they would take the #StandUpToStraws pledge!

Thank you Spoke and Steel. Our wish is to have a plastic free straw-less ocean. And you got us one step closer to this goal we were before we went on television. Thank you.  #Floss4Oceans

Leo, Helping Ninjas, Age 9, FounderCreator

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Spoke and Steele announced they would take the #StandUpToStraws pledge! They are Helping Ninjas!

#Floss4Oceans #StrawLess Cheers

#StandUpToStraws Initiative. Helping Ninjas™ #StandUpToStraws is an initiative to educate youth on the impacts of global plastic pollution and to think about cause and effect, and to stand up for our planet. We want to educate and create awareness about this, and how one can help our environment & all aquatic marine animals. One way is using alternative straws. Learn.Help.Share. at StandUpToStraws.com.

Helping Ninjas are asking community members to join in our efforts! Learn.Help.Share. To participate by simply just choosing to refuse a plastic straw and trying an alternative.  Join in by learninghelping and sharing and posting a picture of a StrawLess Cheers!  Or by Flossing!


Helping Ninjas encourages businesses to join in our efforts, too!

We are inviting businesses to join our initiative by displaying our signs.

We are also inviting businesses to participate further by only providing patrons straws when asked, and to explore the use of eco-friendly straws in hopes to create a more sustainable environment. You can join by doing any of the following:

  • By hanging our signs.
  • By shelving the straws, and only giving them to customers when they asked for them
  • Exploration of alternative straws.

To help engage and give community members a call to action, Helping Ninjas wants to invite patrons to join online in with posts announcing their pledge to #StandUpToStraws with pictures and videos of a “Straw-less Cheers”and our favorite, “The Floss”dance to celebrate – all in efforts to create awareness and begin positive change.

It is our hopes that you would consider joining our efforts now, or to consider doing so in the future – helping others to learn about our efforts and encouraging community participation! We will showcase current measures your company is taking or what plans you intend to take in the future, and we will share your efforts on our website and social media!


Want to Join Our Efforts?


We need more Helping Ninjas! Our signs & forms are downloadable. Click here to download our poster: StandUpToStrawsPoster PDF and visit www.standuptostraws.com



Variety of Alternative Eco-Friendly Straws

  • Metal Straws
  • Glass Straws
  • Paper Straws
  • Compostable Straws
  • Bio-Degradable
  • Bamboo

While biodegradable items refer to any material that breaks down and decomposes, compostable goods are organic matter that breaks down to become a pile of nutrient-rich soil. Compost. Bamboo straws are commonly made in India.  

Helping Ninjas™ Oceans and Sea Life Mission:                          Help Lonely Whale and Plastic Free July

In effort to help efforts to eliminate plastic straws and reduce plastic pollution, Helping Ninjas™  is donating 25% of its proceeds from the Helping Ninja Emoji Sticker Pack to organizations: @PlasticFreeJuly and @LonelyWhale.  Learn more about our mission at  StandUpToStraws.com

All proceeds from the Helping Ninjas Helping Ninja Emoji Sticker pack go to fund our projects and initiatives, like @StandUpForStraws. Each month Helping Ninjas will donate 25% of proceeds to other charitable causes. 

Open the Apple™ app store and search for Helping Ninjas.

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