Sammie Smiles

Sammie Vance of Sammies Buddy Benches has joined forces with Helping Ninjas! Together we are helping to make our senior citizens smile! Join us!
#MakeASeniorSmile  Learn how you can too here.

Sending Smiles

Sammie is also helping others to smile too! Sammie Vance may be stuck at home for a month but that won’t stop her from spreading kindness. She is “Sending Smiles” by writing an encouraging letter to someone everyday she is home and mailing it out to brighten someone’s day! She hopes to encourage others to as well. 

She has been spreading kindness for the past few years throughout her buddy bench project and will be featured in Highlights magazine this summer!

About Sammie: Sammie Vance is a 5th grader at Haley Elementary in Fort Wayne. She has been helping her community and beyond by collecting plastic caps and having them recycled into buddy benches to help prevent loneliness. She loves helping others and connecting with other kids doing great kids. She was excited to connect with Helping Ninjas and become an honorary one herself!

Read about Sammie and why she is a Helping Ninja!

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