Helping Ninjas are learning about Native Mason Bees and how you can help them! Right in your own backyard! They are gentle bees, so they will not sting you – and they are quite amazing! Did you know that 400-500 Mason Bees can do the same amount of work in the same time that it takes 30,000-50,000?

Althgouh DIY Native Bee Huts are popular, one has to be careful about trying to create one. The reed types and the diameters need to be precise. Which is why Crown Bees, founder of the Native Bee Network, has created native bee huts that are inexpensive and made to house native bees. Learn more here: Crown Bees

Woman works to save mason bees by building homes

Kate’s got the DIY down! Che ck out Local Indianapols woman, Kate Franzman, Garden Keeper/Director at Public Greens Patachou Foundation.





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