More Gloomy Weather?!

By: Arjun Sunil, Age 12, Helping Ninja

As we all know, there has been a significant increase in rainy weather. Last week, some of us experienced a severe thunderstorm, which included hail, and lightning and thunder for about 3 hours in total. Many people want to know why Many states and cities might be experiencing an excessive amount of “Indoor Weather”.

Scientists around the country have explained that spring is coming earlier by 2,5 days everyday. Evan Comen from “USA Today” has explained that pollution is the reason the spring is coming to us faster than it did the decade before. Weather has been getting hotter and hotter with more and more rainy weather. This is because of pollution where we all put greenhouse gasses into the air. While there is more and more rain coming down, the risk of a flood is getting higher and higher. Last week, a flood warning was put out during the storm until 11:30 pm. This has caught the attention of many people.

All of this flooding causes many problems around the area. One of the most important affects of this weather is unhealthy soil. The flooding can cover up the plants in which disabling the ability for the plants to collect nutrients. The flooding also causes erosion on the soil which results in less nutrients for the plants to receive due to the lack of soil. This makes soil and plants unhealthy. This decreases the amount of plants in the area, which makes it worse for plant eaters. Without their food, they will not be able to survive.

Flooding also causes water pollution. Whenever you are walking around a city and see trash on the ground, try to pick it up. Trash on the ground can cause many severe problems. Flooding can pick up that trash which makes it float around and could affect marine life. If this is a town near a lake or a large body of water, the flooding could bring the trash into the body of water which results in marine life eating the trash. The trash makes the marine life feel full. Then they start starving themselves because they still think they are full. Eventually, they will start dying of starvation.

This is polluted water. The water is filled with all sorts of trash, and marine life eat it, thinking that it is food. Photo from –

A way to prevent this is by making barriers with sandbags. This is something that your whole neighborhood could help with. Once the flooding is over, put the sandbags for some other use, such as holding down trampolines, etc. Flood Barriers have saved many lives in the water, or not.