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What is climate change? 

The Indianapolis Helping Ninja Chapter invited  Sage Arbor, Professor of Biochemistry, speak about climate change and learning about our carbon imprint. We learned a lot about how creating renewable energy is something we can help with everyday!

Professor Arbor’s Slide Show and Presentation is available here:  To see his slide show you can click on the below link. Note: must be viewed in Firefox or Chrome to hear voice over.

Presentation Topics:

  • What can and cannot be recycled
  • How has CO2 changed over 100,000s of years (mult ice ages to now)
  • Where does CO2 come from (dinosaurs and ferns)
  • What does CO2 do with sunlight (traps)
  • What about methane (fracking , 20X worse)
  • What is effect of increasing global temp (drought, floods, hurricanes)
  •  What can be done to limit increase in global temp (single child, vegetarian, solar, wind, recycle, electric car)


To see his Recycle Learning Poster for Children you can click on the link:

Sage Arbor, Ph.D. is an assistant professor of biochemistry in the Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine. You can visit his research page at the followinglink:

Giving the student friendly Climate Change lecture at a local Helping Ninja’s Elementary School Recycle Club.

To read his full bio click on the link below.

Sage Arbor, Ph.D. Full Bio