The Native Bee Hut Project

What are you doing for Earth Day? Did you know 400-500 Mason Bees can do the same amount of work in the same time that it takes 30,000-50,000 honey bees? Helping Ninjas are learning about gentle native bees, such as Mason Bees — and how you can help them! Right in your own backyard! They are gentle bees, so they will not sting you – and they are quite amazing! Want to learn how your chid can help too?

Native Bee Hut Project Ninja Missions

To join us as we embark on the initiate to help save bees and pollinators with Holly’s Hives, the Native Bee Hut project, email

Visit The Native Bee Hut Project, to learn more about Holly Faust of Hamilton County Park, and how the Helping Ninjas’  are helping!

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What are you going to do for Earth Day? Bees In danger

Earth Day is a day when everybody tries to go “Green,” or does something to help the Earth, or to celebrate Earth! One easy way you can go “Green” is by creating awareness. For example, Have you ever thought about what is going on with pollinators, the species who help us grow crops, trees, flowers, and any plant in general. Everyday, farmers add neonicotinoids to their crops to work as pesticides and chemical fertilizers. But, these fertilizers affect the pollinators’ nervous system and causes them to get diseases. If even one pollinator is affected by this disease than the entire colony gets infected and eventually it will die. Pollinators aren’t the only things infected, these chemicals spread throughout the entire plant they are sprayed on. This means almost all our crops could be infected and we could be eating these poisonous chemicals everyday. Research shows that three-fourths of all the honey in the world is infected by neonicotinoids. You see, even telling people around the world things like this is a great way of being “Green.” This year Earth Day is on April 24th, Sunday. What are you going to do for EARTH DAY? 

Siddarth, Helping Ninja, Age 11, College Wood Elementary, Carmel, IN

Science World, Current Science, Chemistry News: Bees vs. Pesticides Volume 74. No.9 March 5 2018

Rescued Food at Second Helpings Has New Life

Hi am I Helping Ninja!

Last week we went to help Second Helpings in Indianapolis. They give food to people can’t afford to get their own food, or less fortunate people. 40% of all food in the world goes to waste each day! This is not good.  So to help this problem, they rescue food from places like Kroger, Trader Joe and Costco. They use their trucks to pick up food that otherwise would have just been tossed in the trash can and taken to a landfill.  They use the rescued food to make meals in their very own kitchen! They even have a head chef, who was very nice and she says that each day its like a mystery box from Master Chef. She doesn’t know what ingredients she has to make the meals until that very day! And, then she is able to create 4000 meals everyday with the rescued food. We are very glad she is their chef. She is making healthy food for people and it smelled and looked really good!!

And, they  even compost all of their kitchens food scraps. Me and my friend had to sort through 70 pounds of beans. Sometimes in beans you can find rocks. The other Helping Ninjas kids were there had too help package for 493 packages of food.  Second Helpings gives all their food for free to people who can’t afford their own food.  They have vans to send out and deliver the foods – last year they sent out over 1,493,963 meals!!

This is awesome and we are happy to help this organization and you can too by donating some things they don’t often rescue but have to purchase, follow this link: Second Helpings Wish List.

To make the 20,000 meals that they send out each week to 85 agencies in and around Indianapolis – they use 250 lbs of rice a week. One tilt can make up 50 lbs at a time.  They spend roughly $3600 a year on spices and up to 2000 lbs of rice.

The Helping Ninjas are collecting spices like garlic power and onion powder and salt to go to Second Helpings! We also purchased  some with our own money and took it there when we went!

Please, join the helping ninjas today and help people around the world!

Written by:  SiddarthHelping Ninja, Age 11, Fifth Grade, College Wood, Carmel, IN

Here its what they need and how you can help: