Why I Chose Marine Biology As My Career

I decided at a really early age (around fifth grade) that I wanted to work with dolphins. Yeah, I know…pretty cliché, right? I wanted to swim with them and become their best friend because dolphins are, of course, the coolest animals to a little kid. This was the dream that I stuck with for a really long time, but as I grew older and learned more about our oceans, I discovered that dolphins aren’t the only ones in need of our help. I became fascinated with rays, sharks, seals, and so on (the list could go on forever). Visiting institutions like the Tennessee Aquarium and Georgia Aquarium further confirmed that I wanted to be involved with the ocean in whatever way I could. When I got accepted to Auburn University, I immediately enrolled in the Marine Biology program.

Classes at Auburn were no cake-walk, but I knew that the end product would be me working and saving marine animals somewhere in the field of marine biology. Part of the curriculum included taking classes at Dauphin Island Marine Lab outside Mobile, Alabama over the summer, and I learned much more and got hands-on experience with research and the amount of work that must be put into it. The classes I took part in were some of the best (and worst) of my life, but they formed me into the marine biologist I am today.

Why did I choose marine biology?

Now, five years later, I have decided that I want to educate people about the importance of ocean conservation and what they can do to help.

It is my dream to work at an institution whose mission is to educate and encourage the future generation to care about our oceans because we are the only ones who can protect them.

Hopefully one day I can be the person to inspire a little kid to love the ocean just like trainers and educators have inspired me.

Sydney is our newest addition to the Helping Ninjas!

Stay tuned for more photos and posts from Sydney as she travels to Dauphin Island to further her education as she begins the new journey with her career in Marine Biology; Sydney is currently working in Tampa Bay, Florida at a sea rescue center.

Welcome Sydney!