We Love Nature Cat

By Layla Berry, Age 8, Carmel, IN, Helping Ninija

Today I watched Nature Cat on PBS Kids TV and I learned about pumpkins and lady bugs. Lady bugs spray bad smellinggas to predators away and not eat them.

Pumpkns can decompose and turn back into soil.

And also I learned there are alot of things you can do with pumpkins. You can make a pumpkin pie or muffins. You can also fry the seeds in a pan with oil and eat them. You can also use the seeds to plant more pumpkins.

I like Nature Cat becuse you learn a lot about nature.

A Note From Our Founder

Plastic is ruining our oceans because there are so many pieces of plastic in our oceans. For instance, a couple of months ago I read and found out on Twitter™ that there was a plastic island twice the size of Texas and most of it was single use plastics.

My advice to help the ocean is don’t “throw away” stuff because there is always a way to recycle it.

Trash it will always end up somewhere.

Leo, Age 10, Helping Ninja, Creator and Founder

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