Register Helping Ninjas Zoom Halloween “Trick Or Trash” Party

Helping Ninjas youth leaders are celebrating Halloween with virtual parties via zoom!  Helping Ninja participants will learn about recycling with fun and engaging activities online and experience Trick Or Trash curriculum first hand! Helping Ninjas participants will discus ideas and thoughts on sustainability and be given opportunities to share to the group. Participants will create trick or trash art and learn about expression and the importance of creating awareness about learning to help the planet and reducing waste. 

Have fun learning how to help our planet and have a happy, sustainable and sweet Halloween! 

Meet other Helping Ninjas and have fun learning about helping the planet and discussing ways to celebrate and create a sustainable Halloween! 

Learn about recycling through Rubicon and National Wildlife Federation’s Trick or Trash Online curriculum to help you learn why and how to help!

There are two dates for the Zoom parties: Friday October 30, 4pm (est time) and on Halloween: Saturday, October 31st 3pm (est time) registration is free and all ages. welcome!

Click to register:

Trick Or Trash

Learn more about how Helping Ninjas are supporting Rubicon’s Trick Or Trash efforts and reducing waste to landfills this Halloween by recycling candy wrappers!

How to Participate?

Learn more where and how to participate and drop off your empty candy wrappers to recycle this Halloween! Helping Ninjas are supporting Rubicon’s Trick Or Trash efforts and reducing waste to landfills in sixteen different cities across the United States!

Smashing Pumpkins: Compost Your Jack-O’-Lanterns

Pumpkins are smashed, and the aftermath is here! Now, what do I do? 

Smashing pumpkins sounds fun, but the composting part may scare you!

Composting is not so spooky!

It’s actually a lot easier then you think, and the alternative?

Dumping the pumpkin in your trash bin, and adding more food waste to our landfills, encouraging more toxins into our air, ground, water — is wayyyspookier

Written By Lindsey Fella Bery on October 27, 2019 in Health + Wellness

Halloween pumpkins are an excellent opportunity to explore composting!

Learning to compost at an early age creates a better chance that children will continue to do so as adults. Children who learn to conserve nature and help to reduce waste as part of their education are more likely to continue to make sustainable choices independently. 

Composting is a sustainable and circular way to live.

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