Spanish For Kids

A movement to inspire others to help the world, Helping Ninjas mission is to create opportunities for youth to help the planet, each other and themselves.

Helping Ninjas is excited to offer a new opportunity for our youth and families – learning to speak a second language.

Helping Ninas initiatives are centered around the idea, how can we help? Whether its the environment, a sea turtle, an elderly neighbor, or a parent or guardian by helping to do chores – without expectations of an award. Learning to better ourselves as individuals, helps the world!

Learning a second language, like Spanish, not only helps yourself by bettering your education and communication skills – it also can potentially help others! There are many Spanish speaking countries that are in need of help. By learning to speak Spanish, you can learn to help those in need in these Spanish speaking communities.

Helping Ninjas Spanish Class is now available online for kids of all ages. Free online educational videos, printable and lessons. Also, available are group and private virtual lessons with a Spanish Teacher right from your home! Click here.