Rubicon Global’s Trick Or Trash

Hi my name is Ashley Mae and I am a Helping Ninja!

Today I learned about the Trick Or Trash zero waste boxes that give kids like me a chance to recycle our candy wrappers after Halloween!

We decorated boxes! (That me!)

It is better to recycle our candy wrappers because it can help the bees. Pollution can hurt bees habbitats. Did you know that if you look at the store now while we have bees there will be tons of fruits, vegetables, and dairy items but without the bees there would be none of that. Another reason is because it can help save the sea life environment. For example there would be no turtles nothing. Those are the reasons why we need to recycle our candy wrappers.

We decorated a box to collect candy wrappers. Once it is full we will transfer into the Rubicon Global and Terra Cycle Boxes. We are going to collect candy wrappers at home. Once I collect them ill take Them to school and put them in the box we made.

This is one of the pictures I made.

These are the students in the Helping Ninja club creating signs to teach other kids about recycling candy wrappers!

I am nine years old. I like helping the Earth. I like being a Helping Ninja!