Girls In Science

Hi, my name is Layla. My friends and fellow Helping Ninjas: Shruti, Ava, Saigan, Saniah, Maddie and me went to the Indianapolis Zoo on Sunday September 25th to a Girls In Science Event.

An event to learn about why it is important for girls to go into the field of Science and how it can be really fun and also change the world.

We meet Danni Washington, she is a marine biologist and is and is on the Genius Generation Podcast. She is also on the show watch Mission Unstoppable with Miranda Cosgrove. And she and her mother, Michelle, founded a not-for-profit called Big Blue and You.

What did we do?

We played ocean games. Danni Washington was my partner. The game we played was guess the ocean animal. We had stickers on our back of a name of an ocean animal and they have to guess what it is.

We went behind the scenes at the Zoo’s Ocean world. We got to see how they turn water into ocean water so ocean animals have a place to live at the zoo. We also go to see the aquariums.

My favorite part was meeting Danni Washington. I also loved going behind the scenes and seeing all the ocean animals! I also liked a game we played called “I am.” We all took turns saying one word about ourselves.

I said, “I am thoughtful.”

Danni also signed my copy of her new book: Bold Women In Science, and also signed my friends books too!

If you want to check out her new book, click here!

My friend Shruti and I are going to interview Danni on our new Helping Ninjas Podcast! She will be our first official guest. We are so excited and honored to be able to interview a REAL Helping Ninja and ocean advocate. Stay tuned!

To learn more about Danni and also watch her show and/or listen to her Podcast!

Listen to Danni’s Podcast: The Generation Genius