Meet Vedh!

Happy Birthday Vedh! 💫💖 Check out Vedh’s weather forecast on FOX 59 Weather Authority Junior! ⛅️☔️ Thank you for the opportunity to go behind the scenes at Fox59 and to learn about the science of weather! 🌩 

Vedh is a founding member Helping Ninjas and is an active youth leader. Vedh and the Helping Ninjas are on a mission to inspire others, together  spreading awareness on how to help the environment and each other, and the importance of being kind.  Vedh is a fifth grader Carmel Clays Schools. He loves basketball and traveling and volunteering in his community. Vedh loves his volunteer work Second Helpings Indy where food is rescued to feed others in need. Vedh is also involved in his schools student CCS Green Team and is on the morning news at his school College Wood Elementary the CWE Tv Crew!

Learn about how Vedh is helping wildfire victims in Australia. Click here.

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