#StandUpToStraws: Day 1

A Note from two Helping Ninja Leaders:

We have started hitting the streets, and we went to local restaurants in the Northside Indianapolis area, specifically Carmel today; where we started negotiating to bank plastic straws. We started off by going to Verde. You see, they already joined our initiative over the 4th of July Holiday so we gave them posters and helped them by ordering a round of compostable straws for them to sample. Their manager, Mario, is awesome and wants to help!  He told us he had been thinking about plastic straws for just a few months back… How it only takes a couple seconds to make, but years to decompose. We concurred. It actually takes up to a thousand years. Thank you Mario for joining us to #StandUpToStraws! Helping Ninjas Mission Complete!

Next, we then went to Bar Louie, the next-door restaurant, and we told them about our initiative and they agreed to help us by asking their supervisor/owner if they can. They will respond to us soon, when we stop back by. Bar Louie is very interested in helping us, and is specifically interested in us looking for eco-friendly stir straws for adult beverages – we have a new mission! Find eco-friendly stir straws for restaurant’s adult and bar & lounge areas! Helping Ninjas Mission accepted!

Helping Ninjas, Sid, Age 11, Carmel, IN & Leo, Age 9, Carmel, IN

A Note from a Helping Ninjas Mom:

Over the holiday, we visited Verde, Flavors of Mexico, in Carmel, Indiana to have dinner, and were pleasantly surprised how easy it was to ditch the straws at the dinner table. We simply asked the waiter to bring us glasses, half full, for the children, and that we would not be needing any straws. Verde was excited to do so and willingly met our request, not faltering once! No straws for us! And, when the children asked Mario, the manager to join our initiative, he was intrigued and interested in learning more about eco-friendly options, and more than willing to #StandUpToStraws with us! Collectively we decided that Verde would put the current plastic straws they have behind the counter, only using them sparingly and when a patron asks for it, and then will explore options for ordering new compostable or a more eco-friendly option than plastic. The Helping Ninjas were so happy, we had to floss to celebrate! We first cheers a strawless cheers and then decided to floss for those who stood up with us!

So, now, I not only love Verdes for their amazingly fresh and delicious Mexican cuisine, eclectic yet classy and kid-friendly ambiance and superb service – I’m now sold because they care about our planet and want to help! Helping Ninjas HIGH FIVE Verdes!

I started collecting straws from restaurants about a month ago. Usually, we take home any plastic straws in my purse. I tell my children that, “If it doesn’t end up in the trash, it can’t go to a landfill, and nothing can get harmed!” Sometimes even if we inform our server we prefer not use straws, unfortunately, waitresses/waiter are sometimes very busy and forget – and one usually lands in a glass on our table. We don’t shame, we simply give it back if its wrapped, or if  just put it in my purse to add to the collection! At one restaurant, I counted 12 straws that were brought to our table. For a family of six, this may not seem too excessive, but the time I’m speaking of, was actually just my husband and myself. And this was after we asked for no straws! Each time a new drink or refill was brought, a new straw. And we were drinking water! No need to point fingers or disclose names, it’s just time for a change is my only point. Time to stop the insanity. Truly, there is no need for plastic straws.

Lindsey, Helping Ninjas Mom, Carmel, IN