Stand Up For Our Planet Certificate of Recognition To Tom Wood Subaru, Indianapolis, IN

Helping Ninjas™ celebrates Tom Wood Subaru through our #StandUp4RPlanet initiative. Helping Ninjas applauds Tom Wood Subaru for its Subaru Eco-Friendly Retailer Program achievement and demonstration of positive impact in its community and our environment. Helping Ninjas gives an all hands up to Tom Wood Subaru, Subaru Company and brand efforts to stand up for the planet. This exempletory leadership of environmental consciousness is appreciated, and helps sets an example for youth on how to stand up for our planet! Helping Ninjas herby declares Tom Wood Subaru as Helping Ninjas this day of November 30th 2018.

Helping Ninjas™ recognizes Tom Wood Subaru as a recipient of our Stand Up For Our Planet Certificate.

Helping Ninjas™ hereby recognizes Tom Wood Subaru on November 30 of 2018 for its efforts to help our environment and our planet. Helping Ninjas salutes Tom Wood Subaru’s environmental responsibility and measures to protect and preserve nature thorugh community partnerships, energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction, and smart recycling. Helping Ninjas celebrates Tom Wood Subaru’s mission to stand up for our planet.

Photo: Layla, Helping Ninja, Age 7 and Shannon Cook,  Sustainability Director at Tom Wood Subaru in Indianapolis.

The Helping Ninjas presented a  gift to Shannon to thank her for helping the planet!! Subaruis hosting a collection box for TerraCycle for community members to recycle non common items that are not typically recycled at local recycle centers. Terra Cycle will recycle these items! Not only will that send less to the landfill. but Terra Cycle will upcycle the recycled items into a another puprose, such as a park bench! Subaru will recieve park benches for the items that they collect and then plan to donate it children parks in the Inidanapolis community! 

Helping Ninjas gave Shannon with a 4Ocean Bracelet! 

This 4Ocean™ bracelet is a gift from Helping Ninjas, Leo, Layla, Sawyer and Skyler. The bracelet is made out of 100% recycled materials.  The company 4Ocean™ gave these the Helping Ninjas in recognition of our efforts helping the planet, and we wanted to share our gifts with you.  As you are helping the oceans and helping to promote a sustainable environment in our community each day with your sustainability efforts. We are so excited you are now providing another outlet for others to help through your Terra Cycle program —providing options to recycle normalluy non-recycable items in our community! Thank you Shannon for helping our planet! You are a Helping Ninja! 

The Helping Ninjas ❤️

Helping Ninjas™ new initiative “Stand Up For Our Planet” is to applaud those individuals and businesses that put forth effort to help our planet and each other!

Our mission is bring awareness to those that are helping and to celebrate their efforts. Helping Ninjas believes it is best to lead by example and it is important that we teach our youth to recognize and thank those persons or indviduals, organizations and coprorations, who are helping our planet is some way – big or small. Stand Up For Our Planet initiative  is led by youth, a mission to learn to inspire others to celebrate any and all efforts by others whom are protecting our home and future.

Helping Ninajs celebrates Tom Wood Subaru efforts to help our environment! 

Helping Ninja Founders, Leo, Age 9 and his Helping Ninja Mom, Lindsey