Hi I am a Helping Ninja. We took our old milk bottles to the store to get money for lemonade. We got $20 for recycling them. We bought lemonade and snacks to sell at our lemonade stand fundraiser. We are donating the money to Hurricane Victims at Midwest Food Bank. They will give them help. We helped them too by having the lemonade stand. At the lemonade stand we sold got $40.

Helping Ninja, age 6, Carmel, IN


Recycling Detective Work

Today we had a little mission. It was to figure out which stores and businesses recycled and which ones that did not. And, I think it is good that most places recycle. We were pretty surprised with what we found. Cool Creek Park recycles large cardboard boxes and some paper waste .One little sad thing is when we were at the gas station, their was green bins for trash, but they were NOT recycling bins. They were only green because it was BP and their theme is green. We were also surprised to find that McDonalds actually recycled cardboard. But Arbys didn’t recycle at ALL. I was shocked because McDonalds – even though they were recycling cardboard  they were not normally everyday recycling waste. One good thing was Rickers was planting trees all over America – one pump, one tree gets planted. If you want to learn more, go to Rickers Replenish.  Good for Rickers, but bad for BP. I want to write a letter to BP asking them to start recycling some way at gas stations across America. Here are some images.

 Cool Creek RecyclesMcDonalds Recycles Cardboard  

Cleaning at Cool Creek Nature Center

October 2017. Today I was able to help the nature center staff clean. They said they never have time to dust, or clean as much as they would like too. , they said didn’t clean in more then one year like we cleaned today. The chief naturalist told me that it hadn’t looked this good in years. That made me feel really happy.

Helping Ninja, age 8, Carmel IN, College Wood Elementary

Cool Creek Park Indiana Costume Exchange

October 2017. HI! I am one of the members of the Helping Ninja group and today we were at the Cool Creek Park Nature Center, helping to do the costume exchange. It was fun because we got see  alot of people doing trading with their costumes and getting new ones – event though they weren’t new, they were nice enough to be new. I think this is good for the environment  because it not only helps clear up landfills by not having a lot of waste. And but  instead it goes from throwing away your costume to giving it another cycle- another person can  reuse it. This helps others too because some people don’t have the money to afford a lot of new costumes each year.  And also the companies who make the costumes won’t have to use electricity to make more new costumes and that mean less pollution. Because if people everywhere did this then people would buy  less new costumes.  My favorite part of today was seeing a lot of people trading costumes – my favorite costume being brought in was a pit crew from Nascar Racing.

Helping Ninja, age 8, Carmel IN, College Wood Elementary



Cool Creek Costume Exchange

October 2017. Today I got to help at this event at Cool Creek Park in Indianapolis. It was a Halloween costume exchange and helping at the center was  fun because we helped the staff with the exchange event. They are busy so it was nice for them to have help and it was fun to do with my friend. It was cool because we made document videos and got to try on costumes and got to explore the center while we were helping. But it was also cool because we were recycling. My favorite part was helping the customers, because it was fun being nice and helping other people. It was important because less fortunate people need costumes because sometimes they can’t afford them. I think my least favorite part is I got bored, because I was getting tired but I would go back again next year to help.

Helping Ninja, age 8, Carmel, IN, College Wood Elementary


A Note From A Helping Ninja

Tuesday September 5th

Hi, I am a Helping Ninja. I am 10 years old and in the 5th grade at College Wood Elementary. Today me and the other Helping Ninja’s drove to the “Midwest Food Bank.” (My friend’s mom, shes the parent Helping Ninja sponsor drove us. I didn’t actually drive.) We went there to give donations we collected to donate to Hurricane Harvey Victims. We collected the supplies and money in our neighborhood. We had a lemonade stand and sold lemonade, lolly pops, and taffy all for $1.00 each. We also asked for donations. A lot of people helped out, they donated money and gave donations. Suprisingly most people donated money instead of donating by buying lemonade. Even our bus driver stopped to buy some lemonade. After 3 days of hard work, we got a total of $79 and about $100 worth of supplies. Supplies include toothbrush, soap, toilet paper, small toys, cleaning supplies, etc. Midwest Food Bank takes these donations and drives it Hurricane Harvey Victims down in Texas. It takes $1000 to get the semi to Texas, and another $1000 to get back. Our money will go towards gas and other supplies needed. The last semi- truck took $13,000 worth of supplies. Another truck load is going tomorrow so we got there just in time! The nice lady at the Midwest Food Bank told us that every one dollar donated turns into an actual donation of four dollars! So just one dollar goes a long way. That means, that our donation of $79 is actually a $316. Please help the Helping Ninjas help the Midwest Food Bank and help the Hurricane Harvey Victims. Join us and become a Helping Ninja Today! Start a Helping Ninja group in your neighborhood! Go to to donate today!