Nature Is Art Initiative

Nature Is Art Initiative

An initiative to bring awareness to natural art in nature.

This is an pportunity for youth to showcase their very own art work in the form of coloring, drawing or photos.

Heling Ninjas encourages people to join this initiative  by simply tagging #HelpingNInjas #NatureIsArt or on Instagram or Facebook and tag @natureisart_initiative on inspirational posts where art is depeicted by nature, or to post some of their own.

Helping Ninjas will re-post or re-gram on this social media handle! This could be a picture of an ocean, a mountain, a tree, an animal, a flower – anything that depicts nature’s natural beauty!!


Art Is Nature

Helping Ninjas are asking others to learn about the #PhotoArk – it was recently featured on CBS’s 60 minutes and is part of National Geo.

Helping Ninjas want to educate youth about this work and to encourage others to write blogs about it, take pictures or draw some of their own and join in on the @natureisart_initiative

Watch the 60 minutes episode here:

Learn more here:

Helping Ninjas is a student-led not for profit. We are currently seeking more ninjas! Volunteers and internship positions are available to help with this initiative. Please email if interested in helping with this initiative