Helping Ninjas Vision

I believe and have seen first hand, that children have an innate desire to help and to be kind, and giving them the opportunity and chance to do so, needs to be a priority to all parents, caretakers, educators and political leaders.

Providing an outlet and a means for youth to help others, the environment and all living creatures and especially themselves, is a necessity.

I hope that Helping Ninjas will inspire others to engage our youth to become highly skilled at helping.

Children learn by example, it is our duty as citizens of the world to teach young people that being kind is rewarding, that helping is rewarded with self-gratification and self-worth. And it’s contagious. One small act of kindness can change a life; pay it forward.

As the saying goes, love makes the world go round.

Learning to love the planet and all living things through education and inspiration, is the basis of Helping Ninjas.

Learn. Help. Share.

Learning about something, examining why and ways to help, understanding. And then sharing with others how.

This is the vision I have for Helping Ninjas.

We must cultivate the next generation of leaders to be ambassadors of help, hope and positive change – the future, our future, depends on it.   

Lindsey Fella Berry,

Helping Ninja Mom