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Why firefighters treasure ‘thank you’ letters

You would be surprised with the power and impact that writing a simple “thank you” card to first responders might have.

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That single act of human kindness of simply saying “thank you” meant the world to me and to this day still does. (Photo/Pixabay)

Mike Lewter, a former paramedic, gave his opinion on the topic below.


I worked as a paramedic for 12 years before switching professions. About four years after quitting, I ran up on an accident on a mountain back road that was caused by a hit-and-run driver.
It was near Christmas and the woman, who was driving with her two children in the back seat (both under four), was coming back from town after checking off her entire gift list when someone plowed into the rear of her car and left the scene. The force of the impact must have been immense as the rear window was shattered and rained down into the back seat covering her children in tiny squares of glass and the rear bumper was pressed in between the bottom of the rear seat and the rear axle, obviously destroying everything she had just bought. Thankfully, they were all OK, just naturally very scared, shaken, and distraught by the incident.

I immediately checked on the mom, who said she was OK, and then turned my attention to her children, taking care to remove all the glass from their hair and car seats. I was driving a somewhat roomy and warm work van and moved the mom and her children into the van while still keeping them in their car seats to await the arrival of the highway patrol and the local rescue squad because the outside temperature was around 25 that evening.

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