Re-Boo! Halloween Recycling Exchange

October 2017. Today I got to help at this event at Cool Creek Park in Indianapolis. It was a Halloween costume exchange and helping at the center was  fun because we helped the staff with the exchange event. They are busy so it was nice for them to have help and it was fun to do with my friend. It was cool because we made document videos and got to try on costumes and got to explore the center while we were helping. But it was also cool because we were recycling. My favorite part was helping the customers, because it was fun being nice and helping other people. It was important because less fortunate people need costumes because sometimes they can’t afford them. I think my least favorite part is I got bored, because I was getting tired but I would go back again next year to help.

Helping Ninja, age 8, Carmel, IN, College Wood Elementary