“Tapped” Mission Complete

October 25th, 2017

I just watched the short video Tapped.  It has won a lot of awards.  I learned that bottled water could be poisonous, and we to stop using it and buying immediately. The stuff in the plastic seeps into the water that we drink so the chemicals to make the bottles can get into the water we drink.  There are 29 billion bottled waters bought every year.  This made me sad. Even though it makes me sad, I want to watch the whole movie when it is comes out tomorrow. You can watch it here:

Helping Ninjas, age 8, Carmel, IN, 2nd Grade, College Wood

Mission: Watch Streams of Plastic

October 25, 2017

I watched the “Streams of Plastic” Video  and learned that you can take photos of trash on a new app called Global Alert. You basically can share with people where lots of trash is instead of walking by and looking at it. Or you could try and pick some up yourself. I think it is very sad that people litter. Its sad because animals may eat it and they could get sick or die. I want to help our earth by asking people to stop littering. If companies didn’t make plastic we wouldn’t have this problem. You can watch the video too here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXVbi05RaCE

Helping Ninja, age 8, 2nd Grade,  Carmel, IN College Wood

Mission: Watch Streams of Plastic Short Film

October 25th, 2017

Eco Plastic, Streams of Plastic

I just saw a video about recycling and how you should keep plastic away from the ocean.  In Indonesia and Malaysia they rescue 100 to 200 kg of the plastic in the ocean every day. That is way too much and sad.  We need to save the world.

Helping Ninjas, age 6, Carmel, IN, Kindergarten, College Wood

Felix Planting One Trillion Trees

October 25th, 2017

Every year about 10 billion trees are cut down,  yes I mean 10 billion trees! And I read about this  guy is trying to get people to a plant 1 trillion trees.  I think his name is Felix, I forgot but I read about it in an article in Science World, October 9th Issue I believe if you have Science World. He’s trying to get everyone to plant trees so he can transplant 1 trillion trees, he’s already planted about more than 1 billion trees.  You can also read about Felix here: https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/03/felix-finkbeiner-plant-for-the-planet-one-trillion-trees/

Helping ninjas, age 10, 5th grade,


October 24, 2017


I read about composting and I think it is great and like it because we can help our environment by stopping carbon dioxide being put into the air.

Helping Ninja, age 8, 2nd Grade, College Wood

Helping Ninja Mission: Watch Eco Plastics Short Video


October 25, 2017

Helping Ninja Mission: Watch Eco Plastics Short Video

I ‘Watched Stream of Plastics” and I learned from watching that video that there’s a lot of trash in the world especially plastic and its polluting and ruining earth. And much today bad stuff can happen if we don’t do stop it.Their our a bunch of animals dying and a bunch of other bad stuff.  And,  if we don’t help, who’s going to help? I liked it because there are good people trying to help the world and trying to stop the plastic companies making more plastic, if they stop we wouldn’t have it to throw everywhere. Something cool was these scientists  created a global app on your  phone– you can take on pictures of trash and then tell the authorities  where it is. I don’t have the app but I thought I will try by taking a picture of trash next time I see a bunch of trash and send it to someone who can help.

Helping Ninja, age 8, 3rd Grade, College Wood

Mission: Watch video about Plastic in our world

Hi I completed the mission to watched the following film shown at the Eco Film Festival,  “Streams of Plastic,”Gary Bencheghib’s short film: https://youtu.be/pXVbi05RaCE. 

I watched it with three of my friends, and I liked the video because it made me realize I can encourage people to start helping the world and cleaning up trash. And they should not just throw it around places where it’s not actually supposed to be. Because what happens if we the world keeps on getting more polluted, by the future then once us kids are grown the pollution will be too high to go outside your house. Because if we don’t pick up trash the world can be too polluted. If we don’t clean it up who do you think will clean it up, nobody.  If the world is just too polluted  sot hat we can’t live there anymore – that’s really sad because this is the only planet right now that is supposed to be the only planet where any human is able to live.  I want to be helping life so what we should do is to help to help pick up trash so that way the world has less pollution. And I know that sadly China’s already really polluted.  It’s actually true that all the pollution in China  can come all the way to the United States and we none of us want that from countries and no one else  in the world should either.

Helping Ninja, age 8, Carmel, IN College Wood

0 Waste

Hi Im a Hellping Ninja and I just watched this video, https://youtu.be/nYDQcBQUDpw

It is about a girl who lives for 5 years with basically zero waste because it all fit into one jar. I couldn’t believe it. I think I can help by sharing this with my friends, they should watch it because after I watched the video I realized I can actually help by asking people to please use less pollution like the girl did.  And, I could also just ask for people to start doing better things in the world and stop  buying a bunch of things, and doing things like going all the way down to a town, to maybe Fishers and you live in Carmel Indiana and they have a farmers market right next to them. And say maybe you could even start trying to grow it. Or say they go  all the way to the shopping mall and then they have to get all these things and packages when there are places you can buy used stuff and would cost less weight. Also, so you could compost the vines of the dead plants and other stuff you may have in a compost which would turn into a compost soil and then you can put it in soil again. And use it to then make new plants with that, so it’s basically reusing and recycling. Only buy things that you can resuse.

Helping Ninja, age 8, Carmel, IN


Helping Ninja Mission: Blessings In Back Pack

Color Logo for Download

Hi, I am  a Helping Ninja.  My favorite thing to do is draw and do arts and crafts. So, I really liked making cards  for children who get Blessings in Backpacks. I am lucky that I am not hungry on the weekends so I want to help. It was fun helping this charity because n the weekends there are more than 1.6 million hungry kids in our country and this charity gives food for them to eat on weekends. You can see how it works on the website Blessings In Backpacks.        Basically, it costs $100 to feed one child for the whole school year. Our Ninja Mission was to make cards for the kids who get a backpack. Maybe my card will help make someone smile. 

Maddie, Helping Ninja, age 9, Third Grade

Here are examples from their website that other have donated too!  Click on the picture to learn how you can start making cards today!